Weapons Policy

Unauthorized possession of firearms, other items defined as dangerous weapons in SDCL §22-1-2(10), fireworks, explosives, tasers, BB guns, pellet guns, or dangerous chemicals on institutional premises is strictly prohibited. No student or employee shall possess or carry a weapon while on university property, except as authorized in this policy.

This policy does not apply to:

  • any starting gun while in use at an athletic event, and any firearm or air gun at a firing range, a gun show, or supervised school or session for training in the use of firearms
  • the ceremonial presence of any unloaded weapon at a color guard ceremony
  • any weapon under the control of military personnel, while performing military duties or in a military capacity, assigned to the South Dakota National Guard or to the Reserve Officers Training Corps
  • any otherwise lawful firearm held in a weapon storage facility operated by the institution, or while such firearm is being transported to or from such a storage facility
  • storage of any otherwise lawful firearm inside a locked personal motor vehicle, which is permitted on university property
  • chemical used for academic or research purposes purchased in accordance with university policies

1. Authorized weapons must be stored in a locked vehicle or surrendered to campus safety for secure storage upon entering campus. If the weapon is surrendered to campus safety, the individual will then be required to sign and abide by the weapons storage agreement provided to him or her by campus safety. When removed from storage, the weapon must be locked in the individual’s vehicle. It must never be taken to residence hall rooms or campus buildings.

2. Any employee or student who becomes aware of a violation of this policy is required to immediately notify the campus environmental health and safety (EHS) director, residence life, or employee’s supervisor. Employees who are bound legally not to release such information are excluded from the notification policy.

3. Violation of this policy may result in immediate termination of employment or expulsion.

1. If it is necessary to bring a weapon not delineated in this policy on campus, approval from the campus EHS director or designee must be obtained prior to bringing said weapon on campus.

2. If approved, the supervisor of the person having the weapon on campus must follow the activities from start to finish.

3. The campus EHS director or designee will provide the information and plan for storage/use to the vice president for student development and dean of students, director of residence life and surbeck center, vice president of business and administration, and the campus safety officer for informational purposes only.