Student Employment

Non-Federal Work-Study and Off Campus Resources

Campus Jobs (Non-Federal Work Study)

Facilities Services
Contact: Todd Etchison
Phone: 605-394-2251
Description: Summer Grounds Worker Position (Full and Part Time)

Center for Alumni Relations & Advancement (CARA)
Alumni Engagement Ambassador
Contact: Lucas Lund
Phone: 605-394-2625

Graduate Education
Contact: Rachel Howard
Phone: 605-355-3468
Description: For more information contact the Graduate Education Office.

Tech Learning Center/RAS
Contact: Thomas Mahon
Phone: 605-394-2428
Description: Tutoring positions - need to meet criteria of: 3.00CGPA & 3.00GPA in their chosen major.

Dining Service/Aramark
Contact: Jennifer Hauf
Phone: 605-394-1953
Description: Food service operations, including: Hardrocker Café, Miner's Shack, Einstein Bros Bagels & Catering.

Contact: Genene Sigler
Phone: 605-394-5209
Different positions: Data Entry, Campus Tours, Go To Mines Events, Telecounseling in the evenings.

Math & Computer Science
Contact: Reta Davies
Phone: 605-394-2471
Description: Lab leaders in Math 102, College Algebra, CSC 150 and Computer Science 1 and CSC 170 Programming for Engg & Scientists. Lab leader position requires instructor/teaching capabilities, knowledge of the class being taught and current good standing in school. Submit a resume to the department, will interview with Dr. Kyle Riley

ITS Technology Fellows Program
Contact: ITS Help Desk                                  
Phone: 605-394-1234
Description: Provide ITS Help Desk assistance. More Information

Student Engagement
Contact: Nancy Grunden-Beets             
Phone: 605-394-2336
Description: Assists with events and programs for Student Engagement Description. **No openings at this time, please check back next semester.

Surbeck Center
Contact: Nancy Grunden-Beets             
Phone: 605-394-2336             
Description: Front desk staffing. Interviews for fall semester are typically done in April and spring semester in November.

Rocker Shop
Contact: Marlin Kinzer
Phone: 605-394-2374
Description: Assist the Rocker Shop

Museum of Geology
Contact: Emily Berry
Phone: 605-394-2467
Description: Communicates with the public (all ages) to provide peer-reviewed Earth Science, helps maintain the cleanliness of Museum exhibits, and assists guests with purchasing mementos from the Museum Store.

Residential Peer Mentors
Contact: Residence Life Office in Surbeck Center or contact your Hall Director
Description: The Residential Peer Mentor (RPM) serves as an important academic resource to their assigned residential community by providing tutoring, mentoring, and academic activities. The RPM report to the Residence Life Office. The RPM resides in a single residence hall room in Connolly, Palmerton, Peterson, or Placer Halls. Application information for the 2020-2021 academic year is available on the RA-RPM Selection website.

Resident Assistants
Contact: Residence Life Office in Surbeck Center or contact your Hall Director
Description: RAs are vital members of the Residence Life staff. Each living community has an RA to ensure we create positive, healthy communities where students can live, learn, and thrive. Selection information is available on the RA-RPM Selection website.

Summer Crew
Contact: Residence Life Office in Surbeck Center or contact your Hall Director
Description: Summer Crew is made-up of 2 Summer Crew Supervisors and 6-8 Summer Crew staff members. Summer Crew Supervisors directly supervise the Summer Crew staff, work with Residence Life and Summer Conferencing staff, and provide important management and supervision functions. Summer Crew staff members provide maintenance and painting to the residence halls, support to Summer Conferencing, and staffs evenings/weekends at the Surbeck Desk. Selection information for Summer Crew 2021 is available on the Summer Crew website.

Student Custodial Staff Positions
Description: Student Custodial Staff Positions are available through Residence Life. These staff assist with upkeep of the Rocker Square buildings. Contact Residence Life directly for these positions.

Student Facilities Coordinator Position – Spring 2021
Description: The Facilities Coordinator works throughout all residential facilities making minor repairs and performing general maintenance. In addition, this staff member reviews all fix- it requests and performs general office functions.

CAMP Part-Time Workers
Contact: Kimberly Osberg
Phone: 605-394-2500
Description: For CAMP non-work-study student employment, we are looking for a more hands-on member. You must be a member of a CAMP team and part of your job is to represent us. Students may give tours of the CAT Lab to prospective students and other youth groups. Other duties include organization of CAMP activities, working with Student Development personnel or student government members on CAMP's behalf, and/or managing the CAT Lab. Use our Student Employment Application.

Other Jobs may be available around campus and in academic departments. Check with your department first, which may have work that requires your specialized skills.

Campus Jobs (Federal Work Study)

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a needs-based Federal program that is awarded, by the Financial Aid Office, to a limited number of eligible students who have submitted a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you were awarded FWS it will show up on your “Accept or Reject my Financial Aid Awards” notice via Web Advisor. If you were not awarded FWS, you can contact the Financial Aid Office to inquire about being placed on the FWS wait list. 

List of Federal Work-Study Positions
More about Work-Study programs at South Dakota Mines

Financial Aid

Off-Campus Jobs

The campus job board is located outside the South Dakota Mines Bookstore in the Surbeck Center. Various part time jobs in the area will be posted here; the job board is managed by the Career Center. For questions please contact:

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SD Department of Labor

Student Employment - Notice from the Human Resources Department

Federal law requires that all employees prove their identity and eligibility to work in the United States prior to beginning any work with their employer. In order to comply with this federal law, all employees must complete an I-9 form on or before their first day of work.  You will need to bring an original (no copies) driver’s license and social security card. If this isn’t available, an original (no copies) passport will also be acceptable. If you are unable to provide this documentation, please call the Human Resources Office (605) 394-1203, and they will provide you with alternative acceptable documentation.  You will also need to bring a voided check or documentation from your bank that includes the routing number and account number of your bank account for direct deposit of your payroll check.  Please see the office of Human Resources regarding completion of additional payroll paperwork.  The Human Resources office is located in the lower level of the O’Harra building.  If you have already completed these forms, please confirm with the Human Resources Office that the information remains current and that your other payroll paperwork remains accurate.