Meetings and Minutes

Upcoming Meetings:

We have open meetings every WEDNESDAY in the BUMP LOUNGE at 5:00 pm!

Come check them out. Everyone is welcome!

If you can't make our meetings up to date minutes and passed resolutions can be found on the F-Drive!

Recent Meeting Minutes:

1/29/14 Meeting Minutes

Transition Meeting Minute Spring 17'  

 08-30-2017 Senate Minutes

 09-06-2017 Senate Minutes 

09-13-2017 Senate Meeting Minutes

09-20-2017 Senate Minutes

09-27-2017 Senate Minutes 

10-04-2017 Senate Minutes

10-11-17 Senate Minutes

10-18-2017 Senate Minutes

10-25-2017 Senate Minutes

11-01-2017 Senate Minutes 

11-08-2017 Senate Minutes

 Current Meeting Resolutions

 Resolution 17.F.010 SOAP Constitution Updates 

 Resolution 17.F.012 UAV supplemental funding request

Resolution 17.F.013 Organization Deactivation 

Resolution 17.F.014 Cubsat New Venture Funding 

Resolution 17.F.015 Rocker Days Committee and Cultural Expo transition to GAF

Resolution 17.F.016 Delight Ministries

 Voted on Meeting Resolutions

Resolution 17.S.001 HHPV supplemental funding request.

 Resolution 17.S.002 VEXU New Venture Funding Request

Resolution 17.S.003 Standing Committee positions   Resolution 17.F.007 Cubesat

 Resolution 17.S.004 CFO Affirmation

 Resolution 17.S.005 Library Study Room Project

Resolution 17.S.007 Steel Bridge Supplemental Funding Request 

Resolution 17.S.008 Concrete Canoe Supplemental Funding Request   

Resolution 17.F.001 Constitution update

Resolution 17.F.002 TERC Constitution Changes

Resolution 17.F.003 Junior Senator Appointment

Resolution 17.F.004 GWIS

Resolution 17.F.005 Freshman Senator Elections 

Resolution 17.F.006 International Senator Appointment 

 Resolution 17.F.007 Cubesat

Resolution 17.F.008 American Welding Society 

Resolution 17.F.009 Bird and Whale Watching Club 

Resolution 17.F.011 Math Club