Student Association Senate

The Student Association Senate governs in the best interest of the students; directs student organizations within the University; and represents the students before the citizens of South Dakota. The Student Association‘s power is subject to the laws of South Dakota and the rules established by the South Dakota State Board of Regents. The Student Association of the South Dakota Mines is an organization of all registered students who have paid activity fees. Through its officers and committees, it is involved in all student activities.

Positions in the Student Association Senate are by election and by appointment. There are five elected officers from each class (freshman thru senior), three appointed representatives (Graduate, International, and Non-Traditional Student), and an elected Vice-President & President. Terms of office are for one year. When there is a mid-term vacancy, positions are filled as needed through appointment. Senate meetings are weekly and open to all students, faculty, and staff. Each senator is appointed to one of the five standing committees: Constitution, Public Relations, Election Steering, Student Development, and Finance.

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