Student Association Senate FAQ

Are you a student attending South Dakota Mines, or a prospect student looking to get more information? Below are some useful "Frequently Asked Questions" to help get you the answers you are looking for -- about the South Dakota Mines campus, and the South Dakota Mines student experience, and how to get the most out of your time studying at South Dakota Mines.

Q. How do you get involved in clubs?
A. Getting involved in clubs is a great way to meet new people and explore your interests.  There are multiple ways to get involved in clubs:

The Organization Fair

  • Best way to get involved
  • Happens in the Quad during one of the first weeks of school
  • Most clubs/organizations are at this fair
  • Walk around and sign up for any organization

Mines Link

  • All clubs and organizations are listed on Mines Link  
  • Simply log onto Mines Link and browse all the clubs and organizations
  • Email the club you’re interested in

Q. Are there any fraternities or sororities on campus?
A. There are four fraternities, two sororities, and one co-ed fraternity on campus.


  • Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity
  • Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity
  • Theta Tau Fraternity
  • Triangle Fraternity


  • Alpha Delta Pi
  • Alpha Omega Epsilon

Co-ed Fraternity:

  • Alpha Chi Sigma

Q. Where are the printers on campus?
A. There are printers in Surbeck upper and lower, the library, the 1st floor of the classroom building, the dorm common areas, and in department buildings. There are also some color printers in the lower library and in some department buildings, however colors print do cost money per page. 

Q. How do I purchase more print Credits?
A. Every student has 250 pages worth of print credits per school year.  Click here and enter your student ID and password. >Then, follow the steps and purchase your print credits. 

Q. How do I find out "what's up" on campus?
A. The ‘Weekly What’s Up’ is a weekly email sent to students containing events for the week. Contact Nancy Beets at or call (605) 394-2336 for pertinent information 

Q. What about Athletics updates?
A. Athletic Events are a great way to get involved on campus!  See the athletics website for information regarding athletic events and updates.

Q. Where can I get quick answers on campus?
A. The Surbeck Center Front desk is a great place to get answers to all questions.  If you receive a package in the mail, the front desk will get your package for you. Stop by the Surbeck Front desk to find out more about what they can do for you!

Q. Can I reserve a room?
A. You may reserve a room for free as a student through the Scheduling Service. Log in with your student ID number and password.

Q. Can I get into a building after hours?
A. Yes, if the doors are locked use your student ID on the scanners (black boxes attached outside most buildings). If scanners are not available call campus security at (605)-394-6100.

Q. Parking information?
A. In order to park on campus you must purchase a parking pass. You can register your car and purchase a parking pass through the Parking Registration Form.
The Parking Map shows you where you are allowed to park and during what times.

Q. How do I submit a fix-it request?
A.To file a fix-it report use the link below, fill out the appropriate information and submit.

Q. How do I become an RA?
A. There are certain requirements to become an RA (Resident Assistant). If you are sincerely interested in becoming an RA, contact

Q. What is Grubby Gold?
A. You use your eAccounts to put money on Grubby Gold. Create an account and then you can add money through your debit or credit card. This money is accessible through your student ID and can be used on campus at mail services, vending machines, the bookstore, laundry machines, and the dining locations. Grubby gold can be used off campus at Sumo Japanese Kitchen, Pauly’s Pizza, and Fresh Start Market. 

Q. Career Fair prep or mock interviews?
A. If you need the practice and expertise, the Career Services is the answer. Walk in and talk to any one of them and they will set up a mock interview, critique your portfolio or assist in any requirements for landing your career.

Q. Can I get a safe ride home?
A. The Safe Ride program is meant to reduce the amount of drunk driving and any other hazardous driving around Rapid City. If you need a ride just call the Rapid City Taxi, show them your student ID card and tell them your address to go home. This ride is not to other places and do not overuse this option and repeated customers will be addressed by Counseling Services. Mary Jo Farrington is the Coordinator for alcohol and tobacco education and wellness initiatives. For more information, contact Mary Jo at Dean of Students Office, by calling 394-2416, or e-mail:  

Q. Movies at the library?
A. Downstairs in the library there are multiple DVD’s to view. Whether you enjoy old western to the latest Hobbit Trilogy, there are multiple and new movies you can rent for the day or view in the library. The best part is this is FREE for students!

Q. Where can I get my software for classes?
A. If your class needs a program that is not already installed or uninstalled on your laptop, please go to the ITS service in the lower library. They will help you navigate through the downloads and increase your performance on the computer if needed. Also all downloads are available in the F drive under install. You can access these downloads off campus through the South Dakota Mines VPN.

Q. How do I see my program evaluation?
A. The program evaluation on Self-Service Banner will show you things like your GPA, credits earned, classes you have taken (including your grade), and classes you are taking. It also shows you what other electives you need to take with your major. This is also where you will find out who your Academic Advisor is. That person will answer any questions you have in regards to classes and planning out semesters.
Q. How do I contact my professor?

A. When you start class for the first time, you will get what is called a syllabus. In this Syllabus there will be your professor's email, school phone number, and office hours where you can go ask questions. So you can communicate through email, phone, or office hours with your professors.

Last Updated April 28, 2015