Anxiety is one of the largest problems facing our culture.  Individual anxiety issues range from test anxiety to severe social anxiety.  There are many tools with which to combat the symptoms of anxiety. 

If you are trying to cope with anxiety symptoms:

  • Believe that you have the ability to cope with the stressor.  If you believe that you can handle a problem then you can.  If you believe that you can't handle a problem, then you can't.
  • Exercise.  Among the many benefits of exercise is stress relief.  Find an exercise that you enjoy doing and make it a regular part of your week.
  • Eat right.  There are a lot of foods out there that can increase levels of nervousness and anxiousness.  Coffee and sugars are two regular sources of chemical anxiety.  Limit your caffeine and refined sugar consumption.
  • Take a break.  Don't spend all of your time doing work and studying.     
  • Talk to a friend.  It is important to have people around you that you can trust.  Make sure that you have accessible friends or that they are on your speed dial.
  • Get rid of the guilt.  You're not perfect.  Nobody is.  Don't let your guilt hold you back.  Find some way to reduce your feelings of guilt or get help in getting rid of it.  
  • Invest in your hobbies.  It is important to have a number of coping skills to deal with stressors.  Invest time in activities that you find enjoyable and you will feel your stress melt away.  
  • Talk to a professional.  On the School of Mines campus, there are counselors who can help you manage and/or get rid of your anxiety.  
  • Get plenty of sleep.  Don't skimp on your sleep.  In order to operate at peak efficiency, you need to get plenty of rest.  
  • Learn to change.  Sometimes the problem is getting stuck.  Life is not static.  It is always changing.  We must all evolve to cope with the increasing complexity of life.   

If you need additional help, the SD Mines' Counseling Staff is ready to assist you or someone you know who suffers from anxiety.  Contact us.

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