Relationship Issues

Problem with your significant other? Can't stand your roommate? Being abused by or abusing a significant other? Human beings engage in many different types of relationships. Sometimes, two people reach a point where they need assistance in their relationships. Counseling is an opportunity to improve a relationship that has had trouble in the past; it is also an opportunity to ensure more successful relationships in the future. The counseling department at the South Dakota Mines is available to help improve relationships. If you need help improving a relationship, then please contact the South Dakota Mines Counseling Department. 

Family Issues

Most of the time family is a support system that people use in times of need. Family relationships are not always perfect and there are times when an outside opinion on the family can help. The counseling staff at South Dakota Mines is ready to assist students with family problems that may arise. If you have questions, then please contact our staff. See: Counseling Home Page

Need Help?

We have a staff of counselors available to help you, anytime.

Office Phone: 605-394-1924
Counseling Email:
Location: Surbeck Center, Main Level (across the hallway from the Dean of Students' office)   

Duane Kavanaugh
Director of Counseling
394-1924 or 394-6988  

Kettie Rindelaub
394-1924 or 394-2719