Suicide Prevention

The South Dakota Mines' Counseling Staff provide Gatekeeper programs to faculty, staff, and students throughout the year. Gatekeeper is a program designed to make people more sensitive to the problem of suicide as well as to give people tools to help persons considering suicide the appropriate help. The South Dakota Mines' counseling staff is trained to assist persons considering suicide and help those persons regain a sense of purpose and meaning. If you are concerned about someone, then please contact the South Dakota Mines' Counseling Department.

Suicide Resources

Web Resources:
Suicide Prevention Basics: Follow this link to view pages from the South Dakota Suicide Prevention Strategy. Learn warning signs a person might exhibit if he or she is suicidal and how you might take action to save a life.

Local Resources:
Front Porch Coalition 1 (605) 348-6692
Crisis Care Center 1 (605) 391-4863

National Resources:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1 (800) 273-TALK
NIMH Information on suicide prevention and risks from the National Institute of Mental Health

Need Help?

We have a staff of counselors available to help you, anytime.

Office Phone: 605-394-1924
Counseling Email:
Location: Surbeck Center, Main Level (across the hallway from the Dean of Students' office)   

Duane Kavanaugh
Director of Counseling
394-1924 or 394-6988  

Kettie Rindelaub
394-1924 or 394-2719