Accommodation Process

Admission to SD Mines

Before being considered for an accommodation, students must be admitted to SD Mines. Details on the admissions process are at the SD Mines Admissions section of our website.


After admission to SD Mines is complete and finalized, students are responsible for identifying themselves to student ADA services in order to request and receive an appropriate accommodation while attending Mines.

Students may disclose a disability to student ADA services at any time during the academic year. If a student has received an accommodation in an academic setting before, the student is encouraged to disclose and establish an accommodation prior to the beginning of a class or classes.

Disability Documentation

For individuals requesting an accommodation, documentation is required. All information gathered by student ADA services is used only to establish accommodations for students and internal record keeping.  All of the documentation is kept confidential within student ADA services and falls within compliance of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


  • Request for Student ADA Services Student
    Request for ADA Services Form is completed by the student requesting ADA services.  This form will ask the student to explain their condition, the student’s history with the condition and what accommodation(s) will assist the student with their studies.  This form is submitted to the ADA Office.
  • Verification of Medical Disability Student/Doctor
    This form is completed by the student and the doctor (or other qualified specialist).  The form details the condition and suggested treatment.  This form is submitted to the ADA Office.
  • Disability Documentation Doctor 
    This form is completed by a specialist who is qualified to diagnose the disability.   The form details the condition and suggested treatment. This form is submitted directly to the ADA Office.
  • Student Schedule Form Student
    This form is completed by a student.  The Student Schedule Form lists classes for current/upcoming semester, professors and tentative exam dates for each class (from class syllabus), and is submitted to the ADA Office.

Request Accommodation

Disability Services and SD Mines' are required to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations to allow equal access. SD Mines is not required to lower or make substantial modifications to academic requirements or to make modifications that would fundamentally alter the nature of the service, program, or activity. Accommodations provided by Disability Services and SD Mines vary from person to person, class to class, and location to location.