Examples of Accommodations

Flexibility and effective communication between student and instructor are key in approaching accommodations. Although students with similar disabilities may require different accommodations, it is useful for faculty to be aware of typical strategies for working with students who have various types of impairments and who will be engaging in various types of activities. Accommodations may include: 

  • Reduced distraction testing location
  • Extended exam time
  • Note taker or professor’s notes
Dyslexia/Reading Disorders
  • Recorded class sessions
  • Extended exam time
  • Reduced distraction testing location
  • Books on tape and eBooks
  • Use of word processing or literacy software
  • Note takers

Writing Disorder/Motor Skills Disabilities
  • Use of audio recorder
  • Typed copies of lecture notes
  • Scribe or speech-to-text for tests
  • Extended time for essay tests
Mobility Impairments
  • Accessible locations for classrooms, labs, work sites, and field trips 
  • Wide aisles and uncluttered work areas
  • Note takers, scribes, and lab assistants
  • Extended exam time or alternative testing arrangements
  • Access to disability parking spaces, wheelchair ramps, curb cuts, and elevators
  • Course and program materials available in electronic format
Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Coaching on time management, organization, and study strategies
  • Coaching on social interaction

Psychiatric Conditions
  • Free counseling and referral services
  • Extended exam time
  • Materials available in electronic format
  • Flexible attendance for episodic or cyclic events 

Vision Impairments
  • Preferential classroom seating
  • Large-print reading material
  • Assignments in electronic formats
  • Use of readers or scribes for exams
  • Extended time for exams and assignments
  • Verbal descriptions of visual aids
  • Monitors connected to microscopes to enlarge images
Hearing Impairments
  • Interpreters
  • Sound amplification systems
  • Note takers
  • Captioned video presentations 
Health Impairments
  • Recorded class sessions or meetings
  • Note takers
  • Flexible attendance requirements
  • Alternative testing arrangements

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