List of Accommodations

Typical Reasonable ADA Accommodations used at Mines:

  • Tests in a separate quiet room
  • Extended test and in-class assignment times
  • Volunteer note taker or professor’s notes
Dyslexia/Reading Disorders
  • Textbooks read on Kurzweil
  • Tests read out loud or on Kurzweil
  • Void scantrons for tests

Writing Disorder/Motor Skills Disabilities
  • Use of computer for assignments and tests
  • Speech recognition program for computer
  • Scribe for tests
  • Extended time for essay tests
Mobility Impairments
  • Digital copies of texts
  • Accessible classrooms
  • Lab assistants
  • Handicapped door openers
Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Coaching on time management, organization, and study strategies
  • Regular check in times with counselor
  • Coaching on social interaction

Psychiatric Conditions
  • Free counseling and referral services
  • Extended test time and separate room when appropriate

Vision Impairments
  • Preferential classroom seating
  • Enlarged test material
  • Extended test time
  • Text books read by Kurzweil
Hearing Impairments
  • Preferential classroom seating
  • Amplification equipment
  • Deaf language interpreter when needed
Chronic Illness
  • Notification to professors of health and emergency information
  • Some flexibility with deadlines and attendance when possible