Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights

  • Have the right to request students who are asking for an accommodation to complete all necessary documentation prior to initiating accommodation services
  • Have the right to deny any accommodation request without appropriate documentation or if a request is deemed unreasonable. Accommodations cannot impose undue hardship to, or fundamentally alter, any program or activity of a university.
  • Have the right to alter any documentation that is used internally by the Office of Student ADA Services
  • Have the right to review their internal accommodation process and make changes as necessary
  • Student ADA Responsibilities

    • Must collect, evaluate, and securely file all disability documentation and determine appropriate services
    • Must treat all disability-related material as confidential 
    • Must meet with students privately to discuss disability-related needs and accommodations
    • Must provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations in collaboration with faculty/staff and the students
    • Must be able to provide class materials in the format outlined in the accommodation once those materials are identified by the faculty or student
    • Must communicate procedures clearly to students and faculty 
    • Must deliver all completed exams to the appropriate faculty/staff member after a student has completed said exam

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