Academic Scheduling

Classroom Assignments

The office of Academic Enrollment Services determines the initial classroom assignments and provides this information to Surbeck scheduling. Fall and spring semesters are downloaded to the scheduling system managed by the Surbeck staff during spring semester of the preceding year.  Summer class schedules are typically downloaded by March 15 of the same year. Once the download is complete and the information has been reviewed for accuracy, the staff will notify campus that requests for changes and common exam times may be made.

Common Exam Scheduling Guidelines

  1. Common exam requests must be made in writing only and emailed to Surbeck Scheduling. No verbal requests will be accepted.
  2. Each exam is scheduled on a first come/first serve basis using the date/time of the original emailed request.
  3. If there is more than one request for the same day/time, the first come/first serve rule will go into effect using the original emailed request date and time. There will be no exception to the first come/first serve rule.
  4. Common exams may not be scheduled at the same time unless and until both instructors confirm that there will be no student conflict between the classes.  Surbeck Scheduling assists in the process by emailing both instructors the course numbers of the classes involved (the confirmed common exam course and the second requested course).
  5. In the event there is a conflict, Surbeck Scheduling will provide the instructor making the second request with a copy of the semester schedule for common exams already scheduled/confirmed, so that a new date/time may be selected for the common exam.
  6. If a different date/time is not possible, the instructor or department chair making the second request will need to request resolution via the VPAA.

Contact Surbeck Center Scheduling

Phone: 605.394.6774
Fax: 605.394.6998