Event Planning Checklist


Prepare an initial outline for your conference. Determine what your needs will be:

  1. What dates will work best? Are there any other major events scheduled at that time?
  2. Determine the number of participants, what size rooms will you need?
  3. What is the type of meeting? What room arrangement will work best?
  4. What support services will you need?
  5. Determine your budget

To ensure availability of resources, make initial contact with the Surbeck Scheduling early in your event planning.


Submit the "Reservation Request" to   usc@sdsmt.edu or the Surbeck Center's main office with all information complete:

 Day(s), date(s), times (starting & ending) of the event/activity

  1. Number of persons attending (a guarantee may be required)
  2. Title/purpose of event (meeting, conference, luncheon, banquet, etc.)
  3. Name, address & telephone number of the contact person (person responsible for the event)
  4. Room requirements (size, location, furniture arrangement, and functionality or purpose)
  5. Parking needs
  6. Support Services meals, refreshments, A/V needs, technical support, etc.
  7. Special needs access, dietary, etc.
  8. Method of payment
  9. Confirm that your reservation has been scheduled to your specifications
  10. Contact Surbeck scheduling staff regarding any changes, corrections, or additions to your reservation
  11. Continue to review and update all arrangements with Surbeck scheduling staff as needed (final information required 14 working days prior to the start of your event.)
  12. Schedule a planning meeting with Surbeck scheduling staff, large and/or multiple-date or -service event arrangements can more easily be discussed/reviewed in person.
  13. Provide final counts to Surbeck scheduling staff (guarantee may be adjusted by 5% 48 hours prior to event start date).

Prior to the start time of your event, arrange to walk through various locations of activities and check for last minute problems or changes that may need to be made.

Once your request is confirmed, Surbeck Scheduling provides necessary information to the appropriate resource providing departments.  Following your event, Surbeck Scheduling processes all paperwork and associated invoices/payments.


  • Conduct post inspections of areas used to be sure program materials have been removed and participants have not left any items behind.
  • Complete the Surbeck scheduling staff evaluation form & return to the Surbeck scheduling staff.
  • Settle outstanding bills and complete any documentation required to finalize processing (support sheet).