Guidelines & Procedures

Academic Scheduling

The office of Academic Enrollment Services determines the initial classroom assignments and provides this information to Surbeck scheduling. Fall and spring semesters are downloaded to the scheduling system managed by the Surbeck staff during spring semester of the preceding year.  Summer class schedules are typically downloaded by March 15 of the same year. Once the download is complete and the information has been reviewed for accuracy, the staff will notify campus that requests for changes and common exam times may be made.

Common Exam Scheduling Guidelines

1.Common exam requests must be made in writing only and emailed to Surbeck Scheduling. No verbal requests will be accepted.

2.Each exam is scheduled on a first come/first serve basis using the date/time of the original emailed request.

3.If there is more than one request for the same day/time, the first come/first serve rule will go into effect using the original emailed request date and time. There will be no exception to the first come/first serve rule.

4.Common exams may not be scheduled at the same time unless and until both instructors confirm that there will be no student conflict between the classes.  Surbeck Scheduling assists in the process by emailing both instructors the course numbers of the classes involved (the confirmed common exam course and the second requested course).

5.In the event there is a conflict, Surbeck Scheduling will provide the instructor making the second request with a copy of the semester schedule for common exams already scheduled/confirmed, so that a new date/time may be selected for the common exam.

6.If a different date/time is not possible, the instructor or department chair making the second request will need to request resolution via the VPAA.

Cancellation and Late Change (or Scramble) Fees

To ensure facilities, equipment, and services are available to the scheduling community in a fair and equitable manner, a cancellation fee will be assessed to those persons or groups who fail to notify the Surbeck Scheduling staff of their reservation cancellation.  Comparably, changes in set-up, equipment needs, etc. without minimum notice will be charged.

Per SD Mines Policy VI-A-12, scheduling, cancellation, or change of date, time, or setup without minimum notice as listed below will result in charges being assessed.

  1. Routine meetings or small events 10 am of business day before event

  2. Special events (or events exceeding more than 50 attendees) three to ten days prior to event depending on scale of event

Equipment Use

Furnishings are provided in each meeting room; please inform Surbeck Scheduling of your furnishing needs when you reserve the space.  If you move furniture within the meeting room to accommodate your group's needs without notifying Scheduling, please return furniture to its original location.

Flip charts, dry erase boards, AV equipment, projections screens, etc., should all be reserved at the time of your initial room request.

Equipment needed for off-campus use MUST be reserved at least one working day in advance.  Advance notice is needed to gain approval for state owned property to leave campus.  Any equipment leaving campus for non-SD Mines related reasons must have a written agreement on file and charges will be applied and a deposit will be required. 

The following equipment is not available for off campus rental: TV/DVD player, microphones, projections screens, portable sound system. and or ballroom chairs.

Rolling dividers and white boards will be delivered by SD Mines facilities and delivery charges will apply.

Non campus/state organizations may only rent equipment if there are no other rental options available in Rapid City.

Rentals going outside Rapid City city limits require special authorization.

The maximum length of equipment rental is one week.

Hold Status

As a courtesy to internal users, Surbeck Scheduling allows for space to be "held" without finalized details for 48 hours.  The hold will be released if additional details are not received by Surbeck Scheduling within the 48 hours time frame.

Incurred Expenses

When, in the course of providing a requested resource for a University function, a department becomes exposed to direct and unavoidable expenses, those expenses may be passed on to the entity requesting the resource.  These expenses could be equipment rentals or staffing expenses for extended hours of operation or complex room set-ups.

Support Sheet( pdf)

For auditing purposes, the State of South Dakota and the SDSM&T Business Office require that Surbeck Scheduling provide appropriate documentation regarding all food expenses paid with State accounts. Surbeck Center therefore requires that a Support Sheet be completed for each event associated with any food charges.

Surbeck Scheduling has developed an email version of this form that allows for timely processing of your billing. Just use the reply button, navigate the table in the form with the tab key and provide the requested information. Type your name on the signature list, date it and send it back to Surbeck Scheduling. Your email account serves as the "signature" on the form and is accepted by the Business Office. No need to print a copy or wait for campus mail, the electronic copy is quick and easy.

Guaranteed Count

A Guaranteed Count is required two university working days prior to all catered events. If Surbeck scheduling and event staff does not receive a guaranteed count, your estimated number will be used.

The guaranteed count represents the number of people that will be attending your event. You will be responsible for this number of servings or the actual number of persons served, whichever is greater. Dining Services will be prepared to serve five percent (5%) more than your guaranteed count.

Small increases in the count can normally be accepted up to the day of your event (no less than six hours please). Reductions of the guaranteed count are not permitted.

In the event your catered function is cancelled, please notify us as soon as possible. Dining Services requires at least two university working days notice or there will be charges based on expenses incurred on your behalf.