Scheduling Rooms or Facilities


The Surbeck Scheduling Office, located on the main level of the Surbeck Center, works with students, staff, and faculty, as well as the community, to ensure optimum use of the Surbeck Center and other general use spaces of the university.  Surbeck scheduling coordinates the use of university facilities and associated personnel, services, and equipment to support academic, student, community, and professional activities on campus. They ensure that Surbeck Center generates revenue to support building operations. All scheduling of campus resources for meetings and events begins and ends with Surbeck Scheduling.

Online Room Request and Reservation

  1. Use the Event Planning Checklist (.pdf) to make sure you have your plans in order before making your online request.
  2. Review our Facility Use Guidelines for information on the policies and procedures that apply to your reservation.
  3. Check our Rooms and Spaces information for facility details.
  4. Submit your reservation request online:
    Online Reservation Request System
    If you have questions or need assistance, contact the Surbeck Center Scheduling Office at 605-394-6774.

Confirmation of Scheduling Request

When all information has been provided and the request has been successfully scheduled, an electronic confirmation will be emailed to the contact person reserving the space. Based on the information provided, all facilities, services, equipment and estimated charges will be reflected in the event confirmation. All customers need to review this confirmation to ensure its accuracy. If any additions or corrections to a reservation are required, Surbeck Scheduling must be notified immediately.  All changes to your reservation must be provided to Surbeck Scheduling at least forty-eight hours prior to the day of the event to avoid any penalties.

Surbeck Scheduling assumes customer acceptance of the event as indicated unless otherwise notified.

Please note that your request is not confirmed until you receive confirmation from the Surbeck scheduling staff.  If you have not received confirmation, contact Surbeck scheduling to follow-up on your request's status.

Additionally, the Surbeck staff must optimize the needs of all parties; this may involve reassignment of your event after confirmation. In the event this does need to happen, Surbeck scheduling will work with you to ensure your event happens with minimal disruption.

Contact Surbeck Center Scheduling

Phone: 605.394.6774
Fax: 605.394.6998