The wireless network for use by SD Mines students, faculty and staff is sdsmtwpa:

  • This broadcast network requires requires that you be logged on using your network user id and password
  • For some computers, users may have to perform a 'repair' on their wireless network card after setup before their machine will connect
  • sdsmtwpa is currently available campus wide

To connect, follow these directions:

  • Right click the wireless icon on the tray, Click Open Network and Sharing Center
  • Choose Connect to a network
  • Click on the Connect link next to sdsmtwpa  
  • When the connect link turns to Connected the computer is connected to the secured wireless network

For technical assistance please contact...

Having WIFI Issues?

Visit SD Mines WIFI Feedback to report them.

Your response will greatly aid us in finding the deficiencies of our wireless infrastructure on campus.

Need More Help?

The ITS Help Desk is located in the basement of the library.

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(605) 394-1234

After Hours Emergencies

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