How to set up a SPAM folder in Outlook

To keep your inbox free from SPAM, use the following instructions to set up a spam folder in Outlook and a rule to move potential spam messages to that folder.  If a message is detected as SPAM, it will be directed to the SPAM folder.
Before beginning please remember:

  • It is up to you to go through your Spam folder and verify that each message is truly Spam and then delete it.  ITS staff tested this software and have found that even messages that score 5 points are almost always spam.  However, we are using a score of 8 to be on the safe side.
  • There is always a chance that non-Spam messages could score as spam messages depending on the content. That is why we suggest you use our instructions to move the SPAM to a SPAM folder, where you can review them, instead of moving them to the Deleted Items folder, where they will be automatically deleted after a period of time.

    1.)  Click Tools/Rules Wizard in the main Outlook window
    2.)  Select the Options button
    3.)  Select the Import Rules... button
    4.)  Browse to  f:\install\Spam-Rule\spam.rwz and Open the file
    5.)  Now that you have imported the rule, you must click the word "specified" in the lower box, and select the folder "Junk E-Mail" - this will be the folder all the spam messages will be moved into.  You will want to check this from time to time and delete everything in there after making sure it was truly spam.
    6.)  To activate the rule make the box next to the SPAM Filter rule has a check mark in it
    7.)  Click OK to finish
    Outlook will now direct any message with a spam score of 8 or more to your Junk E-Mail folder, where you can review it and delete if necessary.  For help, please call the Help Desk at x1234.

    Note: Spam will only be moved to the Spam folder while your Outlook is up and running.  If you shut your machine down each night, Spam will not be moved until the next time you log in and open Outlook.

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