How to Share an Outlook Calendar

If you would like other people to see your calendar information, you have to publish this information to everyone you want to see the calendar information separately.  You might also want to change the default time to publish.  The default is 2 months in advance.

To begin, the Folder List in Outlook must be showing.  By default it is not, but you may have set up Outlook so that it does.  If you don’t have the folder list showing, click View | Folder List.  If the folder list is showing there will be a depressed “button”.

Note here where it looks like a button beside the words Folder List. That shows that your folder list is showing.  As you can see behind the drop-down menu the Folder List is actually shown.

Now change the properties of your calendar.  Right click on the Calendar item in your folder list and select Properties from the menu that pops up.

Once in the calendar properties screen, click on the Permissions tab.  Your default item should be “Reviewer”.  If it is not way, change it by selecting default and then drop down the Roles item and select reviewer.

Next, click the Add button.  Here you will be able to add people that will see your calendar.  You will be able to pick them from the Global Address List just like you would if you were composing a message.  Add all the people who you want to see your calendar.  They will show up in the list.

If you want a particular person to add events to your calendar select that person and change the role to Author.  This way they can Add and Delete items on your calendar but they cannot change or delete items that you have created.  If you want to give someone full control of your calendar, change them to Editor.  They will then be able to change everything.  Now click OK.

One more thing you might want to do is change the amount of time that the Calendar displays.  To do this click Tools | Options.  This will bring up the options window.  From here click the Calendar Options button and then click the Free/Busy Options button.  It will say “Publish __ month(s) of Calendar free/busy information…”.  Type the number of months in advance you would like people to see your information.  The default number is 2.

Note that it could take up to 15 minutes for this information to get sent through the server.  Your changes may not show up immediately.

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