Use Classroom Equipment

For all equipment:

  1. Lower the screen, if necessary.
  2. Turn on the projector using the projector remote. The projector can take up to two minutes to warm up before projecting a clear, bright image. Make sure that the projector is on Input 1

To Display the Computer Screen on the Projector Screen:

  1. Turn on computer and monitor
  2. Select the button labeled Desktop on the switchbox  
  3. Log on using your South Dakota Mines user name and password. If you are a guest: username: present and password: hardrocker
  4. The presentation remote my then be used to control the mouse cursor and to advance PowerPoint slides

To Display a Laptop on the Projector Screen

  1. Select the button labeled Tablet on switchbox  
  2. Attach the provided VGA cable to the VGA port on your laptop. You may need to active the VGA port on your laptop with a button combination like FN + F4

To Display a DVD on the Projector Screen

  1. Turn on the DVD player and insert media
  2. Select the button labeled DVD on the switchbox  
  3. The DVD remote may be used to control the player's functions
  4. The volume control found on the stand will control volume for all devices outputting sound to the speakers

If these procedures fail to work for you and you need assistance please call:

    Dane Finnesand, 394-1958
    ITS Help Desk, 394-1234

Having WIFI Issues?

Visit South Dakota Mines WIFI Feedback to report them.

Your response will greatly aid us in finding the deficiencies of our wireless infrastructure on campus.

Need More Help?

Visit the ITS Support Portal.

The ITS Help Desk is located in the Devereaux Library.

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