How to Use the Polycom

Q: What do I do if the EP 329 Polycom won't turn on when I flip the switch?

A: Check individual components of the setup individually for power after the main switch has been activated. Each TV has a power indicator light and the Polycom camera on has a light on its front. Once all units have been activated the system should work.

Q: The Polycom is unable to dial any numbers. Also, the Main Menu screen doesn't have a number listed under "My IP Address" on the bottom of the screen. What should I do?

A: This means that the internet connection has been disconnected. Sometimes people unplug the internet lines in these rooms in order to move the units around. The cable should be in back of the TV and fairly easy to identify. Plug it in to the wall jack. You do not need to turn off the Polycom first; it will work properly as soon as it is reconnected.

Q: What if the person I am trying to call never "answers?"

A: The Polycom will continue dialing until a connection is made. To cancel the call while dialing, press the Call button.

Q: My Video Call screen looks different than the one in the screenshots, and the choices are different too. Is something wrong?

A: Using the System Info menu, changes can be made to a variety of settings, including the options available on the Video Call screen. This manual shows the menus as they were at this publication. Most options are fairly intuitive, but if you have difficulty with a new menu setup, please call ITS at 394-1234 or Dane Finnesand at 394-1958.

Q: Can the Polycom make calls to people with other videoconferencing equipment?

A: Yes. Any computer with a camera, microphone, and speakers, as well as proper software, should be able to call the Polycom or vice versa using IP Addresses. Some features may be disabled depending on the capabilities of the other software.

Q: Are there other options available for the Polycom that are not described in this manual?

A: Most definitely. This manual is only a brief overview. Further information is available at, or more easily by contacting Dane Finnesand 394-1958. Dane can provide you with a binder containing the full 284-page manual as downloaded from the website.

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