Opt-Out or Semester Exclusion

South Dakota Mines initiated the Student Laptop program in Fall of 2006. Since that time, all incoming freshman classes were required to be part of the program. South Dakota Mines requires all students to be part of the Laptop Program. This page will explain the criteria necessary to be allowed to exempted from the program. We have implemented an online form that will check to see if the student qualifies to be exempted from the program and will highlight the reason that applies to the student, or will warn the student that they do not fall into any of the categories.

Here is the list of criteria in which at least one reason must be met in order for students to be given the option of opting out.

Reasons I can Opt-Out or be Temporarily Excluded from the South Dakota Mines Tablet Program:

  • I am taking less than 6 credits at SD Board of Regents Universities.  If a student is taking credits at more than one SD University, the total number of credits at all Universities must be less than 6 in a given semester.
    • I am an international exchange student and I understand that if I need a student laptop for my classes they are available for rent on an hourly or daily basis from the ITS Help Desk.  There are students studying from abroad and only here for a short amount of time that are not required to be part of the Student Laptop Program.
      • I started South Dakota Mines before the fall semester of 2006 and have been continuously enrolled at SD Board of Regents University since that time.  Students who have been here since before fall of 2006 were not required to be in the program, so they have the option of opting out if they entered the program throughout their careers.
        • I transferred to South Dakota Mines before the fall semester of 2008 and have been continuously enrolled at a SD Board of Regents University since that time.  Transfer students were not required to be part of the South Dakota Mines Student Laptop Program until Fall of 2008. Therefore all transfers prior to that date are eligible for opting out.
          • South Dakota Mines is not my home university.

            • I have completed more than 60 credits towards my degree program and I am not majoring in a program that requires use of the Student Laptop to run campus software. This opt-out is only available during the Spring Semester and can be applied for here: Upperclass >60 Credit Opt-Out
              • I am a Special or Graduate student.  Special** or Graduate students are flagged as such in the database, and are therefore not required to be part of the Student Laptop Program. **Special students would be non-degree seeking students taking a class for furthering education, high school students taking a class for advanced learning, etc. Graduate students may choose to enroll in the Student Laptop Program by coming to the Help Desk and requesting to be part of the Laptop Program

              When using the online exclusion process, these criteria are automatically checked and displayed upon logging in. There could be an issue with the online data in which a student falls into one of these categories but does not appear that way in the database. We have implemented an appeal process that allows a student to explain which criteria they fall into, and forwards the exclusion request to ITS to begin the process.

              ALL temporary exclusions MUST be approved by the ITS. Once the ITS has approved the exclusion, the student must return their laptop (assuming they were issued one previously) before any refund will be assessed. Also, if the exclusion reason is a student taking less than 6 credits, the Registrar will verify the student still has less than 6 credits at the end of the drop/add period (10 days into the semester) before issuing the refund.

              Any questions and concerns can be sent to the Helpdesk at: Helpdesk@sdsmt.edu (605) 394-1234

              To begin the Opt-Out process, please visit the following link and log in. https://sdmines.sdsmt.edu/cgi-bin/global/adprotected/its_update_optout.cgi  

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