Program Costs

The semester fees for leasing a Tablet PC are set by the South Dakota Board of Regents and are calculated into student tuition. 

Current Fees for the 2019/2020 Academic Year: $423.00

Once a machine is four years old, it will be replaced by a new machine. Returned machines less than four years old and in good working order will continue to be used in the program and be reissued to students. All incoming first-time, first-year undergraduate students will be issued their tablet computer during the first week of school.

The student fee will cover the cost of the Tablet PC, a laptop backpack, an extra battery the student will need to keep charged, four-year replacement upgrades, maintenance on the wireless access points, full accidental-damage protection warranty and student workers to provide technical support for the program. It will also cover the cost of basic software installed on each machine (Windows, Microsoft Office, anti-virus software, Maple mathematics software, and campus software).

All service on the machines will be performed on campus. The tablets will have a four-year no-fault warranty, which will cover all maintenance costs. However, a small charge will be assessed to students that have misused or abused their machines.

Students will be responsible for backing up their own data. If there are any software issues with their machines that cannot be resolved in a short amount of time, their hard drive will be replaced with a newly imaged hard drive to solve any software issues. Students are encouraged to talk to their course instructors for additional information on course expectations if they plan to register for a Tablet PC section.

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