Photos and Photography

Photos communicate instantly and establish interest and mood.  Marketing and Communications can assist with photo needs in the following ways:

  • Use our UR Job Request to request photo assistance for a project or event.  UR already attends many events and takes and posts many photos.  We can't always provide photographic assistance -- but even when we can't, we can help with some suggestions on how you might take, use and promote photos on your own. 
  • Contact Us (check with our media relations staff or our Creative Services Coordinator) to see if we might already have a photo or photos that would work perfectly for you.  We have years of photos accumulated in our UR archives.  We've made some available online, but we have many more.          
  • Contact Us (check with our graphic or web designers) to see if we could purchase a photo that would work for you.  In addition to our own photos, we have stock photo accounts and might be able to find (or might even already own) an image that would work for you.
  • Check photos on our social media accounts (see Flickr, Instagram and Facebook below).

SD Mines Photos Online

Flickr Photo Albums

We have many great Flickr photos. Be sure to check out the Professional Photos album.

Instagram Photos

Find more great SD Mines event photos (and more) at Instagram.

Facebook Photos

Look for images at our SD Mines Facebook Photo Albums.

When You Can or Can't Use Particular Photos

You googled your topic, clicked on the Google Images tab, and voila! there's the perfect thing. Can you use that photo or graphic in your materials? Probably not. Most published/online images are copyrighted and there can be severe penalties for using them without permission.  You'll need to contact the owner of that photo. Sometimes there's a fee to use an image, sometimes the photographer will just request an attribution, sometimes they say no, sometimes there's not even a way to inquire.  Without explicit permission, you cannot use that image.

Can you use School of Mines photos that are posted on our Flickr, Instagram and Facebook accounts? You can -- but still use good judgment.  If you want to use a photo taken at a football game, for example, look at it carefully. Clothing with inappropriate slogans, people with crazy expressions, or other "photobomb" or unintentional artifacts may mean that photo isn't a great choice. If you have questions as to whether something is appropriate for your intended usage, contact us and we'll be happy to talk it through with you.  We may have other photos that would work for you.

Photography/Media Permission

If you are photographing, filming or recording someone on campus, make sure you have permission to use photos, video, or audio recordings that feature individuals.
Photo Release Form

About the Marketing and Communications Job Request System

Use our online Job Request form when you have a project you need MC to do for you, or help you with. (The form requires you to log in using your network passwords). You can request help with:

  • Advertising
  • Business Cards/Letterhead
  • Event Support/Publicity
  • Graphic Design and Printing
  • Photography
  • News Releases
  • Social Media
  • Website Assistance

Contact us if you have questions.