Marketing & Communications places video production priority on content that creates brand awareness and encourages prospective student enrollment. Video Services provides complete video production and post-production services for short- to medium-length professionally-produced videos. Our in-house videographer can shoot on location. Professional camera, audio, lighting, and a full creative staff (including writers) can help convey an accurate and engaging story.

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When our services are not available, we encourage you to shoot your own video using a cell phone.  Follow these tips for the best outcome.

5 Informational Tips to help you create a great video:

#1 Video Tips

Useful tips to improved your video

  • Please hold the phone and film HORIZONTAL.
  • Set your laptop, phone, or camera on a tripod or steady surface.
  • This will help to reduce, or eliminate, any movement or shaking.
  • Go to settings and record in 4k at 24 or 30fps.

#2 Audio Tips

Useful tips to improve your audio

  • Use a microphone for improved audio.
  • If you don't have a mic, move the camera close to your subject while maintaining a good shot.
  • Turn your phone to airplane mode to avoid any notification noises while recording.
  • Choose a quiet location with little background noise. Turn off air conditioners, fans, TVs.
  • Using an external microphone can dramatically improve your audio. Here is an option for the iPhone and for the Android, both of which can be ordered on Amazon.
  • If you don’t have an external microphone make sure that anyone who is talking is within three feet of the phone.

#3 Lighting

Useful tips to improve your lighting

  • Do not shoot toward a light When outdoors, try and find a position where the sun is evenly lighting the scene you want to record. Cloudy days are perfect!
  • Windows can act as a natural “soft box” to diffuse some of the harsh sunlight. Position yourself so windows or your main light sources are facing you, not behind you.
  • A simple tip to improve your video is to avoid shooting toward any light. This includes a window, lamp, or other bring light source.
  • When you film toward a light source the person talking will turn dark.

#4 Frame Composition

Useful tips to improve your frame composition


  • Find an interesting background that is not too distracting.
  • Avoid filming against a white wall or in front of a window.
  • To improve the quality of your video, find an interesting background with color, shape, and/or texture. While you don’t want your background to be too distracting, viewers will appreciate a visually interesting background.
  • Avoid filming against a white wall or in front of a window.

Fill the frame:

  • If you’re filming someone talking, be sure they fill a good portion of the frame. A common mistake is having too much “headroom,” referring to the space above a person’s head.
  • Center the subject Fill the frame with your subject and try to avoid distracting backgrounds.

#5 Other Important Tips

Other important tips to improve your video

  • Make sure your phone’s battery is fully charged.
  • Clean your phone lens. Ideally, use your phone’s rear camera for the best quality video possible.
  • Speak slowly and calmly.
  • Leave about 3-5 seconds of silence at both the beginning and end of your video.