Kenneth M Benjamin (2007)

Interim Department Head/Associate Professor

Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE)


B.S., University of Michigan
M.S., University of Colorado at Boulder
PhD., University of Michigan

(605) 394-2636
CBC 2202E (campus map)
Research Expertise

Our research centers on the use of molecular modeling and simulation to address problems relevant to energy and the environment.  Specifically, we use computational quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, and Monte Carlo methods to predict thermodynamic and kinetic properties of solvent-based reaction and separation systems.  Current work focuses on the heterogeneous catalysis in supercritical fluids for green chemistry and fuels, and ionic liquids for extractions, separations, and electrochemical phenomena.


Research Areas: thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, catalysis and reaction engineering, supercritical fluids, ionic liquids, molecular modeling and simulation, mechanistic modeling, fuels and energy, green chemistry

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