John R Dreyer (2009)

Associate Professor

Social Sciences


B.A., Bowling Green State University
M.P.A., Bowling Green State University
Ph.D., University of Tennessee

(605) 394-5157
SS / CB320 (campus map)
Research Expertise
My research is concentrated on International Security, particularly war and conflict between small states and how great powers interact with these large states. Currently I am working on a project that examines how Military Advisors pass the norms of their military on to the armed forces of small states. My newest publication, "Small States in the International System: At Peace and at War", co-authored with Dr. Neal Jesse, is due out in June from Lexington Books. This volume highlights conflicts such as The 1932 Chaco War, the 1977 Ogden War and the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War to show how small states react to each other and to the machinations of great powers. In addition I have published in on Swiss Neutrality, Pakistan's reluctant interaction with the US during the long war and various articles focusing on military history.
Brief Bio
I am a 2008 Graduate of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and a 2000/2003 Graduate of Bowling Green State University in Northwest Ohio. I'm a proud Ohio boy who never hesitates to show the oddly shaped flag of his beloved home state in addition to discussing the culinary delicacies of my hometown of Toledo, Ohio. My hobbies are focused on collecting military memorabilia, many of which I use in the classroom to connect the soldier on the ground with the concepts we discuss. I also have a young daughter who shares my interest in Star Wars, Mad Max, Bombers, Music and rally driving.
I teach because I enjoy it. I do my best to communicate my enthusiasm to my students. Hopefully, through this, they will gain not only a knowledge of the material but also a life-long interest in it.
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