Christer Karlsson (2013)

Associate Professor

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


A.S., Casper College
B.S., University of Wyoming
M.S., Colorado School of Mines
Ph.D., Colorado School of Mines

(605) 394-2722
M 109A (campus map)
Research Expertise

Research Interests Include: Algorithms and software for multicore architectures, topology aware MPI communications and scalable checkpointing techniques. I have had experience in Robotics, Data Mining and Factorization Algorithms. 

Brief Bio

Originally from Sweden and a Captain in the Army there for many years, life here has been a change. I have discovered that I love the mountains and many of the natural resources the Front Range and Black Hills holds and find the area beautiful. When I am not hunched over the books or staring at my computer, I enjoy history, philosophy, a good whodunnit, playing games, roller-blading, visiting National and State Parks or just relaxing on the mountain. 


Courses taught at the School of Mines: CSC 791 IND: Advanced Operating System, CSC 790 Seminar, CSC 761 Advanced Artificial Intelligence, CSC 492 Data Mining and Visualization, CSC 458 Operating Systems and Virtual Machines, CENG 458 Operating Systems and Virtual Machines, CSC 454/554 Data Mining Theory, CSC 448/548 Machine Learning, CSC 447/547 Artificial Intelligence, CSC 445/545 Intro to Theory of Computation, CSC 412/512 Cryptography CSC 410/510 Parallel Computing, CENG 325 CPU & GPU Organization and Architecture, CSC 317 Computer Organization and Architecture, CSC 251 Finite Structures, CSC 150/150L Computer Science I/Lab, CSC 110 Survey of Computer Science and Engineering 

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