Todd J Menkhaus (2005)


B.S., University of Wyoming
Ph.D., Iowa State University

(605) 394-2422
CBEC 2210 (campus map)
Research Expertise

Dr. Menkhaus leads an active research group exploring new materials and processes for advanced chemical and biological separation operations.  His group investigates fundamental separation phenomena to understand limitations and mechanisms of both traditional and novel separations.  Applications focus on improving operations for more efficient and effective separations within biopharmaceutical and water treatment industries, as well as working within the unique separation challenges of biorefinery facilities producing renewable energy and renewable chemicals.  In addition to academic research, Dr. Menkhaus is active in technology transfer, commercialization and economic development, having founded Nanopareil, a company developing and commercializing advanced nanofiber membranes for separation applications.  Funding for research and commercialization has come primarily through highly competitive awards from the National Science Foundation, the United States Department of Agriculture and industrial sponsors.

Brief Bio

Dr. Menkhaus earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Wyoming, along with completing multiple research and industrial coops/internships during his time as an undergraduate student.  After earning his PhD from Iowa State University in chemical engineering he worked for several years for multiple biopharmaceutical companies where he led groups conducting process development and manufacturing operations.  During his time in academia he has completed two extended visiting professorships at institutions in Europe.


Dr. Menkhaus teaches classes and laboratories in chemical/biochemical engineering, including freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior and graduate levels, with an average teaching load of two to three classes/labs per semester.  He has taught a variety of core chemical engineering courses including material and energy balances, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, mass transfer, and separations, as well as introducing specialty electives in brewing science and engineering, bioseparations and product design classes and labs.  He has also developed materials and projects and led department faculty in recruiting and outreach programs, including summer camps, high school and middle school activities, and prospective student visits for undergraduate and graduate students.  He is the current Graduate Program Coordinator for the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

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