Roger L Nielsen (2018)

Academic Policy Coordinator

Academic Affairs and Office of the Provost


B.S., University of Arizona
M.S., University of Arizona
Ph.D., Southern Methodist University

MI 334B (campus map)
Research Expertise

Specialty Igneous Petrology, analytical geochemistry, trace element modeling, phase equilibria, electron microprobe analysis

Research Interests: Measurement of trace elements in crystals and liquids formed during experimental melting and crystallization of volcanic rocks. The study of natural melt inclusions within crystals. Computer modeling of the crystallization of magma within volcanoes.

Brief Bio

BS Geology, University of Arizona, 1976
MS Geology, University of Arizona, 1978
PhD Geology, Southern Methodist University, 1983

1982-8 Assistant Professor University of Maryland
1988-1991 Research Associate Professor Oregon State University
1991-1996 Associate Professor Senior Research Oregon State University
1996-1999 Associate Professor Oregon State University
1999-2018 Professor Oregon State University
2018-present Research Scientist IV South Dakota School of Mines


Courses (all taught at Oregon State 1999-2018)

  • GEO 101 - The Solid Earth
  • GEO 310 - Earth Materials I-Mineralogy
  • GEO 315 - Earth Materials II-Petrology
  • GEO 415 Earth Materials III-Igneous Petrography
  • GEO 412/512 - Igneous Petrology
  • GEO/OC 508 - Workshop on Microanalysis
  • GEO 518 - Geosciences Communication
  • eGEO 518 - Geosciences Communication (ecampus version)
  • GEO/OC 528 - Microprobe Analysis
  • OC 668 - Theoretical Petrology
  • GEO/OC 688 - Trace Element Petrology Plus many other topical graduate seminars and reading and conference