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Important Deadlines for Spring 2023 Dual Credit

January 9, 2023: All dual credit applications and materials must be submitted by 5PM 

January 9, 2023: Classes begin

January 16, 2023: Martin Luther King Jr Day - No classes

January 12, 2023: Last day to add dual credit classes

January 18, 2023: Last day to drop classes

February 20, 2023: Presidents' Day - No classes

March 3, 2023: Midterms

March 11 to March 20, 2023: Spring Vacation

April 7 to April 10, 2023: Easter Holiday Break

May 1 to May 5, 2023: Final Exams

May 10, 2023: Grades due by midnight

 For questions or more information on Dual Credit please contact the Office of Admissions at 605-394-2414 or admissions@sdsmt.edu.

Dual Credit Courses

Dual Credit Courses

Find Dual Credit Course Catalog here:

Dual Credit Courses

Dual Credit Checklist

Application Checklist

Getting Started! Check out your next steps with the Dual Credit Checklist below:

Step 1 image Meet With Your High School Counselor

Meet With Your High School Counselor.

Discuss eligibility requirements and how dual credit courses will fit best into your high school schedule. Student Eligibility Requirements For the three distinct programs referenced in these guidelines, students must meet the criteria below to participate.

    High school junior eligible to enroll in a high school in South Dakota who meets one of the following requirements:

    -Earn an ACT composite score of 24 reflection of the 70% percentile; or

    -Rank in upper one-third of their graduating class; or

    -Earn a cumulative GPA of at least 3.50 on a 4.0 scale;

    High school senior eligible to enroll in a high school in South Dakota who meets one of the following requirements:

    -Earn an ACT composite score of 21 reflective of the 50% percentile; or

    -Rank in the upper one-half of their graduating class; or

    -Earn a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 on a 4.0 scale;

    High school junior or senior eligible to enroll in a high school in South Dakota who meets all of the following Undergraduate admissions requirements:

    -ACT score of 18 (or 21 for USD & South Dakota Mines); and

    -Successful completion of coursework requirements: Four years of English; Three years of advanced mathematics; Three years of laboratory science; Three years of social studies; One year of fine arts

    High school junior or senior eligible to enroll in a high school in South Dakota who meet the benchmark scores on one of the assessments listed below:

    -Smarter Balanced - Score level 3 or higher on the English language arts AND mathematics 11th grade assessment.

    -10th grade ACT Aspire Summative Assessment - (Score 434 or higher)

    -ACCUPLACER Classic (Sentence Skills - Score 86 or higher AND elementary algebra - Score 76 or higher) ACCUPLACER Next Generation (QAS - Score 255 or higher AND Writing score 263 or higher)

Home Schooled Students: In addition to the eligibility requirements above, families of home school students must submit a signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) and completed registrations forms to the Department of Education. Refer to the Home School Students section on SDMyLife for specific instructions. To get your MOU, email DOEdualcredit@state.ed.us

Step 2 image Select Your Courses

Select Your Courses

    1. Check out course descriptions, take a look at the content the course will cover.

    2. Access South Dakota Mines course offerings for each semester through the Dual Credit Courses tab.

    3. Confirm that your college schedule does not conflict with your high school schedule.

Step 3 Complete Application or Registration Form

Complete the Online Dual Credit Application or Continuing Registration Form

No application fee is required. Do not submit course payment with application

Note: Continuing Dual Credit students may complete the continuing registration form. New students, or those who have sat out a semester will need to complete the online application for admission.

    1. Begin the Online Dual Credit Application: Apply Now

    2. Provide accurate contact information. A valid phone number and e-mail address that you use year-round.

    3. Parent and Counselor signatures pages will be emailed at completion of application. Please have them check their junk mail for these forms. This must be done to complete application!

    4. Submit your high school transcript and any test scores (ACT, SAT, Smarter Balanced)

    5. On Campus students only: Provide immunization records with proof of MMR vaccines 1 and 2

Step 4 image Fulfill Testing Requirements

Fulfill Testing Requirements (if required)

To enroll in a college English or Math course placement scores are required. English and Math placement can be met with ACT/SAT, Smarter Balanced, Accuplacer scores. Test scores must be included on your high school transcript, or official score report. If you currently do not have test scores, or do not meet placement, you're eligible to take the Accuplacer Placement exam to meet required placement. The Accuplacer may also be taken to meet admission requirements into the Dual Credit program. Testing Services are available through zoom or on campus at South Dakota Mines.

Learn more about the Math Accuplacer here

Step 5 image Admissions Decision - Confirmation Email

Admissions Decision - Receiving your confirmation email

Students will receive a confirmation email confirming their acceptance into the HSDC program, as well as their course schedule for each semester.

*Completing an application does not automatically enroll you in the program.

    Step 6 image Complete Dual Credit Orientation

      Complete Dual Credit Orientation- Get access to you South Dakota Mines accounts, order books, access your bill

      You will be emailed a dual credit orientation packet. Our dual credit coordinator would like to meet on campus or through zoom to go over your orientation packet. The orientation will help you set up the following accounts: Mines email, Banner Self-Service, and Desire2Learn (D2L). Instructions for ordering textbooks or accessing e-books, paying your bill, getting a parking permit, etc. can also be found in the Dual Credit orientation packet. You may purchase or rent your college textbooks at the Rocker Shop Book Store. Some courses may require an e-book which you will be given access to the first day of class. E-books will be added to you tuition for your course and do not need to be purchased separately.

    Step 7 image Pay For Your Classes

    Pay for your classes

    You will not receive a paper bill! Your "eBill" is available to view/print in SDePay accessed in Banner Self-Service. Payment within the first week of classes is recommended! Find the payment deadline listed on your confirmation email.

    Pay by credit card or echeck online through SDePay (via Banner Self-Service).

    Pay by personal check or cash at the cashier's window on campus.

    Mail your check to:

    Student Accounts
    501 East Saint Joseph Street
    Rapid City, SD 57701

    To avoid late fees and/or cancelled registration, tuition charges must be paid by the due date. For questions regarding billing, please contact in the cashier's office at (605) 394-2372.

    Step 8 image Prepare For the First Day of Class

    Preparing for the first Day of Class - Welcome to South Dakota Mines!

    Click on the Academic Calendar to view important dates including the first day of class. The first day of class is also listed on your confirmation e-mail. To view your class schedule (meeting times for on campus courses, location, professor's contact info), sign into your Banner Self-Service account, click on "Student Registration” located under the "Registration" section, and then click on “View registration Information”.

    Access your course syllabus which contains required textbooks/supplies, attendance and grading policies, and a layout of your schedule. If you are taking an online course, you will find the course syllabus by logging into D2L and clicking on your course. If you are taking a course on campus, you will receive your course syllabus on the first day of class.

    If at any point you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

    Dual Credit Resources

    Resources and Support

    Academic Advising

    Get a jump start on your degree with Dual Credit courses. Incoming freshman must complete 30 credit hours of general education credits within their first 64 credits. Learn more about General Education Requirements. To see specific classes, view the General Education Course Listing. Note: Not all the classes listed are dual credit classes. Check out which dual credit course's are required for a specific major by viewing the program's 4 Year Plan.

    Adding a Course

    Please start the PowerForm and it will route to your parent, High School Official and the Admissions Office.

    Campus Map

    If you are taking a class on campus, check the map to see where your class is located. Click here for a map of South Dakota Mines Campus.

    Credit Limit Waiver (Students requesting over 10 credit hours in one semester)

    High school students participating in the Dual Credit program may request to register for up to a maximum of ten (10) credit hours each term. Students may request a credit waiver of the ten (10) credit hour limit by completing and submitting this petition to South Dakota Mines Dual Credit Coordinator.

    Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course

    Withdrawing from a High School Dual Credit class past the drop date is not recommended. However, we understand that circumstances warrant this being the best choice of action. Make sure to check with your counselor before withdrawing or dropping courses how this may impact your high school grade for the class as well as your overall high school grade point average.

    Dropping a Course by the Drop Date – Drop Date is Listed on your Confirmation Email

    Students must complete an Add/Drop Form, obtain the required signatures, and submit to South Dakota Mines before the last day to drop for that semester. Individual classes can be dropped for a full refund if the drop form is received by 5:00pm on the listed drop date. Your course drop date can be found on your confirmation email or your course syllabus. A class dropped by this date will be completely removed from the student’s record.

    Withdrawing from a Course after the Drop Date- with a "W" grade

    Withdrawing from a course after the Drop Date has past: Individual classes dropped after the drop date will be assigned a grade of "WD" (withdraw) up to the 70% meeting date "Withdraw" deadline. This grade is only a notation and does not negatively affect your college grade point average. If a student is enrolled in multiple classes and drops only part of their schedule, there is no refund of tuition/fees. A student is limited to no more than 6 grades of "WD" throughout their undergraduate career, within the SDBOR system of schools. The last date to withdraw for a "WD" grade is listed on your confirmation email as well as your course syllabus.

    Withdrawing from ALL courses after the Drop Date has past: If a student is enrolled in only one class and drops that class or is enrolled in multiple classes and drops all classes within the SD Board of Regents system, they will be withdrawn from school for the semester. Grades of "WW" will be assigned to all classes with a withdrawal date noted on the transcript for the semester. A pro-rated schedule to credit tuition/fees is used to determine the amount of the refund up to 60% of the scheduled class meeting. Between the 60% and 70% date, withdraws are allowed, but there is no refund.

    After the Last Date to Drop a Class with a "W" grade listed above, students must not drop or withdraw. Instead, they must accept the final grade as assigned by the instructor.

    *NEW* Continuing Enrollment Requirements As of Fall 2020

    During the 2020 Legislative Session, changes were made to SDCL § 13-28-37.1 with regard to continuing eligibility in the High School Dual Credit program. Starting with grades earned during the Fall 2020 Semester, any student who fails or withdraws from a HSDC course will no longer be eligible for the program in future semesters, absent a showing of good cause. Students who earn a F or W grade and who wish to continue in the program must meet one of the three options below:

    Show good cause by having a BOR GPA of 2.5 or higher, showing a prior record of success in the HSDC program (for BOR institutions only). Show good cause by documenting extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student which contributed to the F or W grade(s). Good cause may include, but is not limited to: illness, injury, an illness or death in the family, or unusual academic circumstances. Regain eligibility in the program by 1.) successfully repeating the course(s) in which the F or W grade(s) were earned, and 2.) paying the full HSDC tuition rate of $145 for the repeated course(s). This includes the portion of tuition typically paid by the state.
    Students showing good cause through GPA will be automatically granted an exemption to continue in the program moving forward. Students who experienced extenuating circumstances, or who wish to repeat the course(s) in which the F or W grade was earned at the full HSDC tuition rate to regain program eligibility must fill out an Eligibility Exemption form and submit it to the campus indicated on the form for the student's circumstances. A list of campus contacts for BOR institutions can be found here, & BOTE institution contacts are available on SDMyLife.

    Disabilities Services

    Dual Credit students with disabilities that need accommodations should contact Amanda Lopez in the South Dakota Mines Title IX and Disabilities Services Office once enrolled in courses. Contact information: 605-394-2533, or email Amanda.Lopez@sdsmt.edu.

    Parking Permits

    Dual credit students can obtain a free parking pass from Facilities. These passes must be displayed in the front window of the vehicle when parked on campus. Students can park in student (red) parking spaces with their pass. Never park in a reserved or handicap space when on campus. car(s) you will be parking on campus. Tell them you are a Dual Credit Student. You will be fined if you park on-campus without a permit.


    Students who drop courses, withdraw or are administratively withdrawn, suspended or expelled from the Regental system within the drop/add period receive a 100 percent refund of tuition and per credit hour fees. Students who withdraw or are administratively withdrawn, suspended, or expelled from the Regental system after the date the first 10 percent of the term ends for the period of enrollment for which they are assessed may be entitled to a refund. No refunds will be processed for dropped courses after the drop/add period. Total withdrawals refunds will be based on a percentage of the remaining portion of the semester.

    Tech Support (Help Desk)

    ITS Help Desk provides computer assistance in person and online. Get connected by calling 605-394-1234, or email helpdesk@sdsmt.edu .

    Testing Center

    Schedule an Accuplacer exam, CLEP, etc.

    Click here for testing calendar

    Textbook Information

    Rocker Shop Bookstore: 605-394-2374 Textbooks for South Dakota Mines courses can be purchased either online or on-campus through the Rocker Shop Bookstore. Some of your courses may use the First Day Access Ebook- which is an online textbook that students can access on their first day of class through the D2L accounts. If your course is using an ebook, it will be indicated on the South Dakota Mines Website and it will be reflected on your dual credit bill as part of your tuition. If your course requires an access code, you will receive this information in an email.

    Transcript Request

    To request an official transcript listing the classes you have taken at South Dakota Mines, order them online here
    There is a fee of $9.00 per transcript requested online that can be paid via credit/debit card.

    Transfer Credits

    Students are encouraged to check with their institution of choice regarding the transferability of credits earned.

    Courses available at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology will transfer to each of the five other South Dakota Board of Regents (SDBOR) institutions including:

      -Black Hills State University
      -Dakota State University
      -Northern State University
      -South Dakota State University
      -University of South Dakota


    The Slide Rule Math Help Center webpage is here

    Tutoring Services are available at South Dakota Mines in Student Success Center. Tutoring times and subjects change every semester based on the availability of those who tutor.

    Other Questions about Dual Credit?
    If you have any high school dual credit questions or concerns throughout the semester, please contact:

    Brittani Webb




    Dual Credit Forms

    Contact Info

    Brittani Webb
    Dual Credit Coordinator

    Genene Sigler
    Dual Credit Processor

    501East Saint Joseph Street
    Rapid City, SD 57701