EPICS — Real Problems. Real Projects. Real Solutions.

For Students

EPICS is an academic program, based on a concept originated at Purdue University, where undergraduate students earn course credits for participation in teams that tackle real-world projects.  Student teams partner with non-profit community organizations to provide comprehensive technological and engineering solutions.  These are long-term projects and partnerships that may span multiple semesters.  Through the EPICS experience, students get early experience in working in multi-disciplinary teams to tackle the kinds of challenges that can't always be replicated in academic exercises and lab practice.  Academic work is reinforced by using concepts to solve real problems.

For Community Partners

EPICS projects are intended to solve real problems, and are defined in consultation with project partners from not-for-profit community organizations.  Projects must be long-term and pair well with South Dakota Mines academic curricula.
COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS: For more information, contact EPICS@sdsmt.edu.

Benefitting Students


Benefitting Communities


What Students Gain Through EPICS:

  • Design experience in real-world projects
  • Teamwork & communication skills
  • Project planning & leadership experience
  • Increased customer-service awareness
  • Understanding of ethical, economic and legal issues
  • Community involvement
  • Real-world experience to discuss at job interviews
  • The opportunity to make a real difference!