Faculty Profile Pages

Faculty members can submit information for the Faculty Profile Template for the university website. This allows faculty members to better showcase their academic and research accomplishments on the website personnel directory and from department faculty/staff lists. This template is available for faculty, department heads and Executive Council members. It is not meant to be used by other staff members.

Rather than have all faculty be set up as publishers in the Ektron CMS software, we have a webform that you can fill out, and Marketing and Communications will create your profile in Ektron for you.

See instructions below or download the instructions document.        


Profiles with banner (or action) photo:
Phil Ahrenkiel  
Xinhua Bai
Lance Roberts

Profiles with standard profile photo:
William Capehart
Roger Johnson
Kyle Riley

The Short Instructions

To create your faculty profile:

  • GO TO: https://sdmines.sdsmt.edu/faculty-profile
  • LOG IN with your network credentials
  • CLICK “ENTER PROFILE”– to add information about Research Expertise, Brief Bio, or Teaching (1000 characters max – you do not have to fill out all the sections); Click Submit to save your entry. 
  • CLICK “EDIT PHOTOS”– to add a headshot or “action (wide format) photo.” If you already have a photo in the personnel database, you do not have to add another one. Click Submit to save your entry.
  • CLICK “SUPPORT DOCUMENTS” – to add .pdfs for your CV, Research Details, Publications, Awards/Recognitions, or up to two other documents. You must create these pdfs. You add them by browsing to the document on your desktop then uploading them. Click Submit to save your entry.
  • CLICK “ONLINE RESOURCES” – to add the URL for your personal or research website (if you have one). Add these even if they already appear on your current directory page. You may add up to two other URLs. Click Submit to save your entry.
  • CLICK “SOCIAL MEDIA”– to add URLs for specific social media pages or channels you may have. Click Submit to save your entry.
  • USE THE SAVE BUTTON– on the main entry page to save any work you have completed. This allows you to build this information incrementally, over several sessions, if you want to.
  • USE THE FINALIZE BUTTON– to send this information, when fully complete, to Julia Easton in Marketing and Communications, who will upload your information to the Faculty Profile template. If you have changes or questions, contact Julia. (Julia.Easton@sdsmt.edu).

The Long Instructions

(with additional details, should you have questions):

Some information in the South Dakota Mines personnel database is managed and monitored by Human Resources to ensure the integrity of that information. This includes:

  • name,
  • title(s)
  • phone number
  • department
  • office location
  • education for each faculty/staff member

This information will be merged with other supplementary information provided by the faculty member through the online Faculty Profile form, to create the Faculty Profile page. Should you need changes to information listed above, you can email Nancy Fieler, in Human Resources, who authorizes changes to the database. (Nancy.Feiler@sdsmt.edu)

Course Listings are added by ITS each semester.

Submit Your Profile Information Using the Online Faculty Profile Form

Go to: https://sdmines.sdsmt.edu/faculty-profile

You will need to log-in with your network password and fill out the online form. This form is for the initial submission of your information and you can work on it incrementally (saving your work as you go) until it is complete. When everything is complete, press the “Finalize” button and it will submit your information to Julia Easton in Marketing and Communications, who will enter your information into the Ektron CMS system on which the university website is built. If you have corrections or updates to that information, email Julia directly (Julia.Easton@sdsmt.edu). She can make changes on your behalf, or clear your submission form so you can upload modified content.

The Online Form

Section 1: Faculty Profile
Click the” Edit Profile” Button. You can enter 1,000 characters maximum, describing in general terms your Research Expertise, Brief Bio or Teaching (philosophy or experience). You do not have to complete all the sections. If you do not enter information under “Teaching,” for example, that heading will not show up on your Profile Page. When you have completed that portion of the page, press Submit and it will save your information and return you to the main entry page.

Section 2: Faculty Photos
If you already have a faculty photo in the personnel directory, you do not need to submit a new photo, we can use the one we have. Otherwise, click the “Edit Photos” button to upload a “portrait” (formal headshot) photo –OR- an “action” photo. An “action” photo is wide format (page banner, 800px wide by 345px high) photo that would show you teaching, working in the field, using research equipment, making a presentation, etc. It must clearly show YOU as the subject of the photo (no group photos with others, for example, where someone viewing the profile page wouldn’t know which person was you). In the future, we plan to have a photographer take some new department/faculty photos. For now, most people will continue to use the headshot portrait that we already have. Contact Julia Easton in Marketing and Communications if you need help cropping or compressing a photo for your profile page.

Section 3: Support Documents
Support documents allow you to include more information about yourself in a .pdf format. It is your responsibility to create these documents and convert them to .pdf. You may add any of the following:

  • Curriculum Vita* - your CV
  • Research Details* - a pdf describing in detail your research efforts
  • Publications* - a list of publications
  • Awards/Recognitions* - a list of awards and recognitions
  • Up to two other .pdf documents that you can name, but please keep names very short

*For the sake of consistency, we have hard-coded the titles for these.

Section 4: Online Resources
If you have a personal website, or research website, or both, add the URLs for them in this portion of the form and your profile page will then have buttons taking users to those websites. Add them even if your current directory page already has these links. You can also add up to two other websites, keep name very short. (e.g. “Research Center” or “Lab Website”), add the corresponding URL, and submit the form.

Section 5: Social Media
If you have a social media page or channel for:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Scholar
  • ResearchGate

add the URL, and your profile will then include the corresponding social media icon which will link to your page or channel.

NOTE: Please consider, particularly with Facebook and Twitter, if you use these more for personal/family interaction or professional/academic. If it’s the former, perhaps you don’t want to include this on your faculty profile page.

Section 6 – Save or Finalize
The SAVE button allows you to save any work you’ve done on the form, but not yet submit it for entry to the website. You can work incrementally on your information, saving it as you go. When you have all the information in place, hit the “FINALIZE" button.

When you “FINALIZE,” your information is submitted to Julia Easton in Marketing and Communications, who will upload it to the Ektron system. If you have questions or changes, once you have submitted information, please contact Julia. ( Julia.Easton@sdsmt.edu)