Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen

Scholarship Deadline: January 15th

Dollar Amount (per year for four years) Scholarship Tier Name ACT Range SAT Minimum

Presidential Scholar

35-36 1530

Gold Scholar

34 1490

Silver Scholar

33-31 1390

Copper Scholar

30-28 1300

Miner Scholar

27-25 1200

Hardrock Scholar

24 1160

In order to be considered for incoming freshman scholarships at the School of Mines, prospective students must be accepted for admission to SD Mines by the priority scholarship deadline of January 15. Students interested in departmental scholarships should contact their respective department for further information.

    The SD Mines Scholarship Committee awards scholarships which are all renewable for an additional 3 years if continuing criteria is met. SD Mines commits to awarding scholarship funds to as many students as possible. All of the scholarship funds in which SD Mines receives are from alumni, family, corporations, and friends of SD Mines. SD Mines has outstanding students and merit scholarships are extremely competitive. 

    National Merit Finalists

    Date of Scholarship Award Notification

    Scholarship recipients will be notified of their award offer approximately mid-February. If the scholarship is a multi-year award, the award notice will indicate the criteria the recipient must meet to maintain their scholarship for subsequent years.

    If you were initially awarded a scholarship stated above, it may have been made without regard for specific funding sources. If so, by August, the Financial Aid Office will assign (replace) each initial scholarship award with a named donor-funded scholarship and notify the student of this information. At that time, a thank-you letter will be required before scholarships funds can be disbursed to student accounts.

    Scholarship Requirements

    Scholarship recipients must meet certain enrollment and academic achievement requirements.  Find out more on our Scholarship Requirements page.

    Find more information, see:

    Hardrocker Heritage CTAIf you are a non-resident applicant or transfer student with at least one parent or legal guardian who went to SD Mines, you can attend at in-state rates.