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The GGE Seminar will resume September 2021 in-person. See you then!

GGE Seminars 2020-2021


Announcements for each talk are emailed to the South Dakota Mines campus community. 
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Contact: Curtis Price ( )

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Date Location Speaker Organization Title Host
Aug-21 No Seminar, GGE Faculty meeting
Aug-28 online only                
GGE Fall Kickoff Social
South Dakota Mines GGE Socially Distanced Friends and Fellowship: South Dakota Mines Geology & Geological Engineering 
 Sep-4 online only Dr. Jacob Lowenstern U.S. Geological Survey Hazards, History, and Hydrothermal Phenomena at the Yellowstone Caldera
Sep-11 online only Dr. Peter Guth
U.S. Naval Academy Military Geology Price
online only Greyson Buckingham, CEO Disa, LLC High-Pressure Slurry Ablation: A size reduction/liberation technology for mining and reclamation
(sponsored by MET, MEM, and GGE)
Sep-18 online only Dr. Dennis Helsel Practical Stats Incorporating Nondetects in Science (Download pre-talk material) Price
Sep-25 online only
Dr. Matthew Minnick  RESPEC, Inc.
Development of Sedimentary Heat Geothermal: The current Boom in Canada Price
online only Dr. Barbara Kutchko U.S. Dept of Energy The New Science Behind Foamed Cement
Oct-09 online only Dr. Robert Hall  Head, South Dakota Mines Mining Eng & Mgmt   Mining Technology development: A look at the past, present and future
Oct-16 No Seminar, GGE Faculty meeting
Oct-23 online only Dr. Kelsey Prissel Carnegie Institution for Science Insights into Lunar Petrology from Iron Isotopes Keenan
online only
Dr. Mark Fahrenbach  SD Geological Survey
What is a Geologic Map?
Nov-06 No Seminar        
Nov-13 online only Dr. Gregory Delzer U.S. Geological Survey Dakota Water Science Center: Current Research and Activities Price
Nov-20 online only GEOL 464 students South Dakota Mines Geology Senior Research Proposals Q&A, 3 pm to 5 pm
Please watch presentations online ahead of time
Jan-15 No Seminar, GGE Graduate Student Town Hall
Jan-22 online only Dr. Caroline Strömberg University of Washington Neo-Ecology Meets Deep Time: Reconstructing plant paleo-niches in the Late Cretaceous of Wyoming Pagnac
Jan-29 online only Alan H. Rea, PE U.S. Geological Survey Hydrography and Elevation in the National Map  Price
online only  Thomas Durkin, CPG South Dakota Space Grant Consortium Mars 2020 – Perseverance Rover Mission: Are we almost there yet?
Feb-12 No Seminar, President's Day weekend
Feb-19 online only
Dr. Albert Eggers
University of Puget Sound (emeritus)
Gravity/surface deformation (geodesy) research at Pacaya, St. Helens, and Kilauea
online only Dr. Heather Bedle University of Oklahoma
Taking Seismic Geomorphology to the next level with Machine Learning
Mar-05 No seminar, Spring Break
Mar-12 No seminar, Spring Break        
Mar-19 online only Dr. Andrew Farke Raymond M. Alf Museum
Campanian Life of Laramidia: Alf Museum Explorations in the Kaiparowits and Mesaverde Formations
Mar-26 online only TBA
Apr-02 No seminar, Easter Break
Apr-09 online only Dr. Nick Dygert  The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Oceanic lithosphere produced by deep-seated hydrothermal cooling beneath spreading centers
online only Dr. David Hammond Hammond International Group U.S. Rare Earths Today: Misconceptions, Dreams, and Realities  -- talk slides: (pdf file) Price
Apr-23 online only Dr. Kirk Johnson Smithsonian Institution Museum of Natural History

Digging Snowmastodon: Discovering an Ice Age World in the Colorado Rockies
GGE Graduate Student Distinguished Lecturer (invited) 

Apr-30 online only GEOL 465 students South Dakota Mines

Senior Research Presentations
Watch presentations on YouTube
Q&A session: Join here 3 pm to 5 pm


Grad Brownbags 2020-2021

Mondays noon-1PM on zoom  meeting 96358772727 (meeting link). Coordinated by GGE Graduate Representatives. Information will be added as seminars are arranged.

Contact: Dr. Foster Sawyer ( )

Lead Title/Topic
Aug-31 --
Sep-07 --
Sep-14 Grad Rep elections
Vote for 2020-2021 grad reps/Logistics
Sep-21 --
Sep-28 --
Oct-05 Curtis Price 
Scale dependence in digital elevation model-based landform analysis
Oct-12 Fleford Redoloza Geological Modeling Using Deep Learning with Progressive Generative Adversarial Networks (GNAs)
Oct-19  --

Oct-26 Redoloza/Riemers/Sawyer
Grad student meeting: invited talk and other issues
Nov-02 Grace DeVault Examination of Pig Wallow Site Geochemistry Using Decomposition Estimates from the Minimum Number of Individuals 
Nov-09 Jichao Bao
Leveraging Deep Learning for Flow and Transport Data Assimilation in Complex Aquifers
Nov-16 Brooke Long-Fox Examining shell shape and evolutionary relationships in lucinid bivalves (cancelled)
Reminder: Grad Student Town Hall Friday Jan 15 4 pm
MLK Jr Day
Jan-25 Rudolph Hummel
From Forests to Fields: A multivariate approach to Miocene habitat reconstruction in North America using extant South African analogues
Jessica O'Neall
Comparison of Accuracy and Precision of XRF and ICP-MS in Determining Fossil Bone Geochemistry between Different Depositional Environments
Erica Cung Quantitative Analysis of Trace Element Partitioning Data for Clinopyroxene, Garnet, and Amphibole
Feb-15 -- President's Day
Feb-22 Peter Daly
Paleocommunity Structure in Late Cretaceous Methane Seeps: Comparing Epeiric Seas and the Global Ocean
Mar-01 Brooke Long-Fox Examining shell shape and evolutionary relationships in lucinid bivalves
-- Spring Break 
Mar-15 -- Faculty Search seminar
Mar-22 --  Faculty Search seminar
Mar-29 -- Faculty Search seminar
Apr-01, 2pm Grace DeVault Using fossil bone geochemistry and age reports to reconstruct diagenesis at the Pig Dig Site, Badlands National Park, SD. 
Apr-12 Colleen Sullivan Dissolution rates of Mosasauridae fossils from the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway
Apr-19 Carolyn Kocken Geographic and temporal variation in the appearance of defining tooth morphologic characteristics of Mesohippus and Miohippus 
Apr-26 -- Last week of term 

GIS Workshops

Workshops are typically offered in December/January and May/June  

Intro to GIS I and II; Switching To Pro; GIS Field Data Collection

Workshop website and registration

GEOE/GEOL/PALE Advisory Board Meetings

Next meeting: Saturday, April 17, 2021