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Welcome! Use one physical or mobile ID card campus-wide! Your Grubby ID is a vital part of your life as a South Dakota Mines student! Card Services issues the Grubby ID which is the official identification, payment, and access ID for students, faculty and staff at South Dakota Mines. Looking for a convenient and secure way to manage funds once you come to campus? Grubby Gold - a prepaid, stored-value account that is part of your Grubby ID - is the convenient, cashless way to pay for your purchases on campus.

You can deposit money into Grubby Gold in a number of easy ways, including online, the load station on campus or by mail. Keep in mind, though, that your Grubby Gold does not work like an ATM/debit card, which means once you add money you can't withdraw it as cash. Grubby Gold balances roll over each term/year and the funds remain active as long as you are a registered student or current faculty/staff member. Contact Residence Life for questions on meal plans or housing. 

Grubby Mobile ID: Your Grubby ID is now a mobile ID on iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android!

What’s the one thing you always have with you? Your phone! Now you can add your Grubby Mobile ID to Apple Wallet and Google Pay and never worry about having your ID handy again. The Grubby Mobile ID works everywhere your physical card does. You can use the Grubby Mobile ID on iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android phones to get into residence halls and campus facilities. You can also use the Grubby Mobile ID to access your Grubby Gold account to make purchases at the bookstore, campus eateries, and other locations accepting Grubby Gold and Dining Dollars. To use your Grubby Mobile ID and Grubby Gold, simply tap your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android phone against the reader and you’re done! 

Hardware Requirements: 
iPhone: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus or later: iOS 12.2 or later
Apple Watch: Series 1 or later: and watch OS 5.2 or later
Android: version 6.0 or later 

Incompatible Models:
Users with mobile devices that cannot support mobile credentials may purchase a card for $20 by visiting Residence Life. Employees will need to pay in person at the Student Accounts Office prior to card printing.

How to get started: There is minimal set-up required to use the Grubby mobile ID; most users will be able to begin using it in minutes. 
Download the Transact eAccounts Mobile App 
Setup Instructions
 iOS users:
     Android users:
     Frequently Asked Questions & troubleshooting:

Grubby ID Access:

  • Library
  • Wellness Center
  • Student Health Center
  • Residences
  • Academic Buildings
  • Sporting Events
  • Campus Museums
  • Career Fairs

Grubby Gold can be used for:

  • Designated copy machines
  • Designated vending machines
  • Residence hall laundry machine-Grubby Gold is the only way to pay for laundry!
  • Dining
  • Mail Services - Facilities Building (FedEx & USPS services available)

Add Money to My Grubby Gold Account

Visit the eAccounts website

What is Grubby Gold?

Grubby Gold is a prepaid stored value fund on your Grubby ID. Having funds loaded onto your Grubby ID allow you to simply swipe/tap and go. There are no fees to start or maintain a Grubby Gold account, simply add funds.

Grubby Gold is separate from your meal plan. Your meal plan is required for students living in the Residential Halls and Grubby Gold is a voluntary program that cannot take the place of your meal plan. If you use your Grubby ID at a location where Grubby Gold and the meal plan are accepted, your meal plan account would automatically be used first and then roll over to the Grubby Gold account.

Grubby Gold is accepted all over campus.

Grubby Gold funds transfer semester to semester/unspent funds over $5 returned when a cardholder leaves South Dakota Mines.

Add a Commuter Meal Plan

Commuter students can add a commuter meal plan to Your Grubby Card easily! Commuter meal plans are a convenient, cost-efficient way to eat in all of our campus dining areas. For details on plan offerings, visit the Mines Dining webpage.  Prices are reviewed and updated on our Housing & Dining Rates webpage. Ready to purchase a plan, click the button below!  Questions on commuter meal plans can be directed to


Door Access

• Residences
• Students have access to the exterior doors to the hall they live in.
• Rocker Square I & II Apartments still utilize physical keys and building access.
• Classroom labs
• Academic buildings

Lost/Stolen Cards

What if I lose My Grubby ID?

• Deactivate/reactivate card through the "E-Accounts" app or by contacting/stopping in the Residence Life Office (M-F 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)
• Replacement physical can be printed at the Residence Life Office for a $20 fee (paid at student accounts) if you do not have a compatible mobile device.

Parent Information

Greetings Parents!

The Grubby ID is an essential component of the college living and learning environment for your South Dakota Mines student. All South Dakota Mines students receive a personalized Grubby ID which serves as their student identification and provides access to dining halls, libraries, campus facilities, and events. Grubby Gold is a flexible spending account that is used to cover all of your student's expenses-everything from printing, vending, and laundry to dining out, student health, and pharmacy needs without needing a credit card or cash.

See how to deposit money on your student's Grubby ID.

Sample Semester Budget
• Laundry--Suggested: $50
• Printing --Suggested: $25
• Vending--Suggested: $50

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Flex and Grubby Gold?

Flex dollars are your meal plan. Meal plan dollars can only be spent at the dining services locations and any unspent funds are lost after the spring semester. Grubby Gold can be spent at dining services as well as many other locations on campus and carries over from semester to semester as long as you are a student.

Can I transfer my Flex (meal plan dollars) to my Grubby Gold?

No, your meal plan dollars are a separate account from your Grubby Gold. Your meal plan dollars are specifically for Dining Services and can only be spent at those locations. Grubby Gold is your money that can be spent how you choose at participating locations.

What is the cost to purchase or replace a physical ID?

$20 for each physical card. The cost is billed to a student's banner account or can be paid at the Student Accounts/Cashier's Office

Can I use a debit card to add funds?

Yes, as long as it is a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

I replaced my ID, but found the old card; can I reactivate the old card?

No, once a card has been reprinted the old card number is retired and cannot be reused for security purposes. This prevents someone else from finding your card and using it.

What are your office hours?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. except holidays.

I need some cash; can I take it off my Grubby Gold?

No, Grubby Gold is not intended to be used like a bank card with ATM features. We also do not have cash on hand in the card office to give cash back. Once a student leaves school and is no longer a student, they can be refunded any funds over $10.00. A check will be mailed to the student from the South Dakota Mines Cashier’s office.

When will the money be on the card?

The money put on your account is available immediately.

Can I transfer money directly from my bank account?

No, we currently do not have that capability.

Can I get a temporary ID?

No, we do not issue temporary IDs for students.

Can I punch a hole in my physical card?

No, the ID card is a smart card and has wires throughout the card. Once a hole is punched in the card it will not work and a replacement fee will be charged to get a new one.

If you have additional questions, contact the Residence Life Office in the Surbeck Center.
Phone: 605-394-2348


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