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Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management Degree

Program Offerings

• Bachelor of science degree in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
• Master of science degree in Engineering Management
• Minor: Occupational Safety
• Certificates: Occupational Safety, Engineering Management and Leadership, Technology Innovation, and Six Sigma Greenbelt

*The BS in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

What is Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management?

Industrial engineers manage business operations, supervise workplace safety and quality control, and make manufacturing processes more efficient. They solve complex problems faced by business or industry, using a diverse toolkit of engineering disciplines and skills. They eliminate wastefulness in production processes - maximizing efficiencies and minimizing waste.

The South Dakota Mines Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management program is ABET-accredited and student-focused, with close relationships developed between faculty, staff and students.

Thanks to strong relationships between the IEEM department and industry partners, Mines industrial engineering majors will have opportunities for exciting internships and enjoy a high job placement rate post-graduation.

What does a industrial engineer do?

Industrial engineers are often called the engineer’s engineer. Rather than focus on a specific engineering discipline, industrial engineers take a broader approach, training in all engineering areas in order to manage a system or operation. Industrial engineers develop efficiency systems to integrate workers, machines, materials, information and energy to provide a service or produce a product.

The IE discipline lends itself to a wide range of jobs, from mine safety to office ergonomics. They design, improve, install, and manage systems of people, material and equipment in banks, plants, hospitals, government, transportation, construction, social services and electronics.

Some duties an industrial engineer might do include:
• Design facilities for people with disabilities
• Oversee workplace safety
• Model logistics for humanitarian relief
• Develop management control systems to make financial planning and cost analysis more efficient
• Review production schedules, engineering specifications, process flows and other information to understand a manufacturing process
• Design and enact quality control procedures to minimize costs
• Gathering data
• Data analysis
• Design layout of equipment, materials and workspace to identify efficiencies
• Estimate production costs

First-Year Courses

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Course Curriculum

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Internships and Co-ops

On average, 79 percent of South Dakota Mines students have applicable work experience when they graduate, thanks to internships and co-ops. For these co-ops and internships, students receive an average salary of $19.70/hour. Industrial engineering students intern with industry and government, including the following businesses:
• Tesla
* Doran Companies in Minneapolis/St. Paul
• Michelin in South Carolina
• Solvay Chemicals
• Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
• Vishay
• Daktronics
* Disney World

Career Outlook

Starting salary for a 2018-2019 South Dakota Mines industrial engineering graduate was $66,525. Placement rates for 2018-19 South Dakota Mines industrial engineering graduates was 97 percent.


Careers that industrial engineers might pursue include:
• manufacturing, operations, logistics
• facilities design
• material handling, computer-aided design
• plant manager, quality control
• statistician
• systems or process engineer
• healthcare
• research or global sourcing analyst
• ergonomics, workplace safety
• hazard recognition and control, emergency response


South Dakota Mines industrial engineering graduates have taken positions with the following companies:
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
US Army
John Deere
Hormel Foods
Peabody Energy
American Express
BNSF Railway
Jennie-O Turkey

Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management Research

The industrial engineering faculty is engaged in research in the following areas:
• STEM education
• Human engineering
• Economic development and entrepreneurship

Students also aid faculty research in the fields of science, technology, engineering, math education, safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and economic development and entrepreneurship.




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