June, 2015 Research Awards

New Awards

Amount Title Agency Principal Investigator
& Co-PIs/Dept.
$133,600 Reduction of Radon-Induced Backgrounds for SuperCDMS and Beyond 

National Science Foundation
PI: Schnee, Richard
$30,798 Structural Controls on Mineralization at Marigold Mine, Humboldt County, NV: A Detailed Structural Analysis of the Terry Zone Complex 

Silver Standard Resources Inc. 
PI: Baran, Zeynep       Co-PI's: Lisenbee, Alvis, Paterson, Colin, McCormick, Kelli

Additional Funding

Amount Title Agency Principal Investigator
& Co-PIs/Dept.
$2,000 Airborne Charge & Electric Field Mapping System (ACEFMS) 

US Department of Defense - Subaward from QUASAR Federal Systems, Inc.                   
PI: Detwiler, Andrew
$7,089 The 2020 Vision:  Building Research, Education, and Innovation Partnerships for South Dakota 
National Science Foundation  - Subaward from South Dakota State University  PI: Smith, Steve 
$93,654Interactions Between Squall Lines and Isolated Supercell Thunderstorms via Storm-Generated Perturbations to the Local EnvironmentNational Science Foundation PI: French, Adam
$80,000 Fluoride-Ion Battery Prototype Development Waterford Battery Systems IncPI: Salem, David
Co-PI's: Hong, Haiping Zhengtao, Zhu
Brady, Andrew
$105,471 Collaborative Research: FEM-Based Inverse Methods to Estimate Nonlinear Geometric Source Parameters of Volcano Deformation from Geodetic DataNational Science Foundation PI: Masterlark, Timothy Co-PI: Katzenstein, Kurt
 $50,250NASA Ames Research Center - IPA Scientist Proposal
NASA-IPA PI: Petukhov, Andre
$22,420 Commission Detector System for Radon Emanation Measurements for LZNational Science FoundationPI: Schnee, Richard
Co-PI: Reichenbacher, Juergen
$100,000 Collaborative Research: Dakota Bioprocessing Consortium (DakotaBioCon)
National Science Foundation - Subaward from South Dakota State UniversityPI: Stone, James

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