Giant Vision Competition

The SD Governor's Office of Economic Development hosts the Giant Vision Business Plan Competition each year to encourage both business and student entrepreneurs to build their dreams in South Dakota. Contact Joseph Wright ( for more information about the process.

For additional information, please visit Giant Vision Business Plan Competition.

Giant Vision Business Plan Competition Winners  

Giant Vision Competition 2017 Provender TechnologiesStudent Division: 

2021 Third Place: Nghia Thai and Nhu Y Mai, Chi-X - biomaterials that address surgical and post-surgical bleeding.

2021 Fourth Place: Morgan Vagts and Debbie Liknes, Lafdr, - A “no photo” dating app matching users based on common interests.

2020 First Place: Anahita Haghizadeh, NanoHsink - Produces and sells heat sink solutions for LED manufacturers. 

2020 Fourth Place: Maryam Amouamouha, Aqua Smart Solutions - A green, stand-alone, and advanced system for residential and commercial wastewater treatment. 

2019 First Place: Mark Rotert and John Chandler, Tornado Aerodynamic Solutions, LLC – Improves fuel efficiency.

2019 Second Place: William Trevillyan, HomeMetrics – Home Monitoring Sensor System

2019 Third Place: Justin Schroeder, Antier Skateboards – Customized, recycled skateboards

2019 Fourth Place: Anahita Haghizadeh, SunUp – Efficient solar panels

2018 First Place: Bill Trevillyan, Plateau Energy Films – Transparent window films to save energy.

2018 Second Place: Abi Fuller, Argent Bottles – Water bottles designed to accomplish military grade decontamination.

2017 Tie for First Place: Henry Wegahaupt, Provender Technologies – Automated feeding solutions for cattle operations.

2017 Third Place: Scyller Borglum and J. Zack Malone, South Dakota Refining Company – Oil Refining in South Dakota.

2016 First Place: Aaron Worlie and Erica Howie, Botanical Extraction Technologies (BET) – Design and manufacturing of Supercritical Fluid Extraction systems and high purity botanical products.

2016 Third Place: Scyller J. Borglum, Borglum Natural Gas Storage Solutions – A natural gas storage process.

2016 Fourth Place: Jace Doan, RackStar – Protective transportation products for cycling industry.

2015 First Place: Conrad Farnsworth and Siouxzanna Downs, Farnsworth Downs Technology – Small scale power generators.

2014 Fourth Place: Greg Christensen, Nanotechnology R&D Company of the Black Hills

Giant Vision Competition 2017 South Dakota Refining CompanyOpen Division:

2021 Kristie Gildemeister and Kelsey Fitzgerald, Hydrolyst, LLC - A process to reduce the production cost and life span of electrocatalysts used in hydrogen fuel cells.

2020 First Place: Craig Bailey, Haiping Hong, and Greg Christiansen, Novum Nano, LLC - An advanced materials and process technology and manufacturing start-up company specializing in boron nitride and carbon fiber nanotube innovative research with applications in a broad range of industry markets. 

2019 Fourth Place: Joey Brown, Ammonyte – Water management system

2019 Fifth Place: Marit Johnson, Life Excel – Physical Therapy Traction Chair

2018 Tie for Second Place: Hutchinson Car Audio – High end speakers for the auto sound industry. 

2017 First Place: NP Systems Integration, LLC – A system that uses nanotechnology to covertly identify products for authentication and tracking through supply chains.

2016 Second Place: Endlas, LLC – A Laser cladding/strengthening process for tools and parts.

2016 Third Place: QVIDITY Telehealth, LLC – A telehealth system for healthcare providers.

2015 Third Place: Module Innovations – Affordable and innovative diagnostic devices for rapid microbial detection in clinical and non-clinical samples.

2015 Tie for First Place: VRC Metal Systems, LLC – Hand-held high pressure cold spray.

2014 First Place: Nanofiber Separations, LLC – Nanofiber product with advanced purification devices.

2013 First Place: CalxAqua, LLC – A proprietary limestone based technology to remove arsenic and heavy metals from water.

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