Shimadzu Environmental Research Laboratory (SERL)

The Shimadzu Environmental Research Laboratory (SERL) at South Dakota Mines is a multidisciplinary research facility focusing on environmental and biotechnological research.

Shimadzu Laboratory Instrumentation includes:

  • LCMS IT TOF- a liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer that combines ion trap and time-of-flight technologies
  • LCMS 2020- a single quadrupole liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer
  • GCMS 2010- a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer with pyrolizer, FID, and on column injection system
  • FTIR- a Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer with an ATR
  • TOC- a total organic carbon analyzer
  • UV-Vis- a UV-visible spectrophotometer
  • Potentiostat
  • Moisture analyzer
  • Semi-micro balance


South Dakota Mines has partnered with Shimadzu Scientific Instruments via the Shimadzu Academic Partnership Program (SAPP).  

Benefits of this partnership are: 

  • Enhanced research infrastructure at South Dakota Mines
  • Hands-on experience for Mines students and faculty with state-of-the art instrumentation
  • Competitive advantage students will have when entering work force  
  • Competitive advantage students will have when applying for graduate schools
  • Use of Shimadzu instrumentation in laboratory courses to improve student education 
  • Mines enrollment will grow and stand out in South Dakota and the region
  • Ability for Mines to obtain more donations in the future
  • Ability of Mines faculty and researchers to carry out advanced research
  • Enhanced competitiveness of Mines faculty to obtain external funding 
  • South Dakota Mines and Shimadzu media attention generated in the Dakotas and beyond
  • Mines can have commercial opportunities to charge a fee for instrument usage
  • Multiple onsite and offsite instrumentation trainings and seminars