Our Collaborators and Their Roles

Industry Collaborator

Zyvex Technologies - www.zyvextech.com

Technical assistance regarding development of in-situ capabilities at SDSMT (e.g. XRD and TEM), sharing equipment, and hiring summer interns from SDSMT to work with Dr. Smirnova’s students on assembly and testing of solid-state cells with lithium-ion conductivity. A well-developed collaboration between SDSMT and Zyvex has been established and resulted in three publications related to Li-ion cells. Weekly organized technical meetings at Dr. Smirnova’s group are attended by Zyvex representatives, who actively participate in discussions and help students with their projects.

Industry Collaborator

Aspen Aerogel - http://www.aerogel.com

Advisory board member, scalable synthesis of high surface area carbon aerogels and silica aerogels that are used for preparation of baseline silicon-based anodes via magnesium vapor reduction developed earlier in Dr. Smirnova’s laboratory. This is a long-term collaboration between Dr. Smirnova and Aspen Aerogel resulted in 6 peer reviewed journal publications regarding catalytic properties/mechanisms of carbon- and silicon-based materials for energy generation and storage.

Industry Collaborator

FMC Corporation - www.fmclithium.com

Synthesis of the stabilized lithium metal powder (SLMP) for anode lithium ion battery prelithiation and performance evaluation of the prelithiated solid-state anode half-cells and selected coin cells. This collaboration started in 2013.

Industry Collaborator

SAFT America, Inc. - www.saftbatteries.com

Advisory board member; testing of the coin cells with Li-ion conductivity manufactured with the optimized cathode/anode/ electrolyte compositions.  SAFT is directly collaborating with Dr. Smirnova and it is interested in development of in-situ approaches for cell testing under bias conditions. This collaboration started in 2013.

Industry Collaborator

Hummingbird Scientific - hummingbirdscientific.com

Development of the TEM holder for in-situ measurements under bias conditions. The company offers custom engineering services and products for cutting-edge electron and ion microscopy applications, with an emphasis on products for TEM. This collaboration started in 2014.

National Laboratory Collaborator

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - www.pnnl.gov

Advisory Board member; Evaluation of transient under electric bias lithiation behavior of anodes and cathodes in half cells using in-situ TEM facilities. This collaboration started in 2012. 

National Laboratory Collaborator

Naval Research Laboratory - www.nrl.navy.mil

Assist with in-situ cell manufacturing for XAS analysis at X15B or X11A BNL beamlines. NRL will involve graduate and undergraduate students from SDSMT to work at NRL in summer. Collaboration started in 2006.

NASA Collaborator

NASA Glenn Research Center - www.grc.nasa.gov

Advisory Board member; Analysis of impedance spectroscopy transient data; Technical monitoring of the electrochemical cell performance with optimized cathode/anode/solid electrolyte composition. Collaborator since 2011.

Outreach Collaborator

Oglala Lakota College - www.olc.edu

Provides an access to the American Indian students and teachers at Oglala Lakota College by organizing open discussions and workshops; Organize Participation in hands-on activities provided for students and teachers from Oglala Lakota College and SD Mines.

Outreach Collaborator

Rapid City Area School District 51-4 - public.rcas.org

Involve K-12 American Indian and local students and the teachers from the Rapid City area into relevant seminars and workshops, such as hands-on workshops and lectures for middle and high school students provided at the Chemistry, Biology, and Health Sciences Department (CBH).

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