AMP Laboratory

Who We Are

We are a diverse multi-disciplinary group of engineers and scientists focused on solving metals material challenges.

What We Do

We are focused on applied research and development. We use materials deposition and joining technologies like friction stir welding, laser powder deposition, and cold spray coupled with advanced manufacturing process controls and automation to solve tough real-world challenges, while training top-quality engineers and scientists along the way that are prepared to hit the ground running.

We strive to be among the best at what we do. We also stop to ask the hard “Why?” questions, and we have the depth, equipment, and relationships with national partners to make fundamental and relevant investigations to discover the answers.

Our Mission

To train and equip the next generation of materials and design engineers in advanced metals processing technologies, and to aid the industry and the nation in developing those technologies for real life applications that will bolster the American manufacturing enterprise.

AMP Director
Grant Crawford
Research Director

Phone: (605) 394-5133
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