SD Mines Exchange with Jaypee University of Information Technology Exemplifies Strength in Diversity

Students from Jaypee University in the exchange with Mines include (left to right): Rishabh Nautiyal, Shagun Choudhary, Mehul Salaria, Pratha Sood, Pallavi Soni, Wageesha Sharma and Gorky. Not pictured: Anandita Govil.

Eight students from Jaypee University of Information Technology spent the past six months at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology contributing to the NSF funded BuG ReMeDEE research project.

The students, including three master’s level and five undergraduates, came to Mines to both learn about research methods in the United States and to contribute to the overall BuG ReMeDEE project (

“I've been able to learn many new techniques and instruments due to my work here at SD Mines, and I'm so thankful for that,” says Anandita Govil with Jaypee University, whose work included a study of biofilms in the effort to produce electricity from microbes.

The work of Govil and others in the exchange involved a wide range of study, including converting solid waste to electricity, efforts to control methane as a greenhouse gas, efforts to understand and improve the ways that cells absorb medicine, new approaches to biofuel production and making biodegradable plastics from plant material.

For Rajesh Sani, Ph.D., a professor in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at SD Mines,  this exchange effort highlights the importance of diversity in science and engineering fields. These students not only learn while they are here, they make important contributions to the effort. “Diversity is key to the future of science and engineering,” says Sani. Large science and engineering efforts, such as the $6-million BuG ReMeDEE project, require multiple teams of researchers. “We have found that a good blend of team members with multiple backgrounds gives incredible results,” Sani says.

Sani and others point to studies that show when the proper work environment and leadership are provided, diverse teams can produce creative and robust scientific results. Students like Anandita Govil agree. “That is the beauty of working with people from different places,” she says. “Some are good at managing everything, some are good at making equipment available for work, some are very creative in their thinking, some are very strong and can work for hours and hours. And that makes a perfect team.”

This exchange is thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding between SD Mines and Jaypee University. This agreement is one of many mutually beneficial partnerships Mines maintains with universities around the world. These sorts of agreements encourage staff exchange and collaboration, joint research and publications, and student exchange opportunities.  The agreements are also tied to SD Mines inclusion statement and the efforts to promote diversity in science and engineering fields.

The Ivanhoe International Center develops and supports activities and programs for international students, faculty, and staff coming to SD Mines, and for those who want to engage in international and global experiences, in alignment with Mines Advantage.

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