Health & Safety

We can do this. We are #HardrockerStong. 

Any model we develop will include some risk of COVID-19 transmission – and together, we can minimize it. 

Reducing the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission involves reducing the number of “people-to-people” and “people-to-infected-surface” encounters.

These reductions can be achieved by following basic guidelines outlined in the Rockers Return Plan and pledge to protect self, others, and the campus community.

We ask that you use this symptom checker app developed by Apple, Inc. and the CDC to assist in evaluating your symptoms.

For contact tracing, we encourage you to use the Care19 App developed by the South Dakota Department of Health. 

More information:  Health & Prevention FAQs

Informational Resources

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 and you are experiencing symptoms, call your local healthcare provider or call the COVID-19 triage center at 1-800-279-1466 (available from 7am-11pm).

South Dakota Mines is committed to being a diverse and inclusive community and supports all members of the university. COVID-19 affects all people regardless of age, background or area in which they live. As a STEM university, we set a high bar for our students, faculty and staff. Biased behaviors, stereotyping and discrimination are not acceptable. The university inclusion and diversity statement can be found here. Those who experience harassment or discrimination on campus can report it here.