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Building Codes:

BHBDC - Ascent Innovation
C - Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Bldg.
CARA - Center for Alumni Relations and Advancement
CB - Classroom Building
CBEC - Chem and Biol Engr and Chemistry Bldg.
CH - Connolly Hall
CM - Civil-Mechanical Bldg.
EP - Electrical Engineering and Physics
FS - Facilities Services (Physical Plant Bldg.)
HP - Howard Peterson Hall
KC - King Center
LIB - Devereaux Library

M - McLaury Bldg.
M&C - Marketing and Communications
MC - Music Center
MI - Mineral Industries Bldg.
OC - Off Campus
OH - O'Harra Bldg. (Administration and Museum)
PH - Palmerton Hall
PRL - Paleontology Research Laboratory
SC - Surbeck Center
TDL - Tech Development Lab (CAPE)