Connecting to SDSMT Wireless Networks

There are three primary wireless networks at the SDSMT campus:

  • sdsmtwpa - This is a secured network used by SDSMT-owned computer systems only, such as staff and faculty computers and student tablets enrolled in the Tablet Program. Users are required to be logged into their computers using network credentials to successfully connect. This means personal computers and mobile devices will not be able to connect to this network. Devices connected to this network are able to access network resources such as shared drives without connecting via VPN.

  • sdsmtopn - This an unsecured wireless network is available for public access including personally-owned computers and mobile devices. Computers connected to this wireless network can only access network resources, such as shared drives, by connecting to the SDSMT Network via VPN

  • eduroam -  This network is available for members of other SD Board of Regents schools to be able to connect to the Internet. A small number of available connections is available for this network, so we highly recommend the use of sdsmtopn instead of eduroam. 

To connect to a wireless network:

  1. Left click the wireless icon in the taskbar tray. A list of available wireless networks should be available.
  2. Choose the appropriate network to join, as listed above.
  3. If the connection is successful, the available networks will show "Connected" on the network you joined and a signal strength will be displayed in the icon in your task bar.

Note: Some computers may have to perform a 'repair' on their wireless network card after setup before their machine will connect.


Having WIFI Issues?

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Your response will greatly aid us in finding the deficiencies of our wireless infrastructure on campus.

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