Access Personal Network Storage (H: Drive)

Students faculty and staff are provided with 20 GBs of personal network storage on which to store course work and personal data and files in addition to a personal website folder. 

To access your storage, you must be connected to the SDSMT wired network or connected to the sdsmtwpa wireless network.

Users logged into university-owned machines should automatically have their network storage mapped when their user account is created on the computer. It defaults to an "H:" drive and can be found in the Windows "File Explorer" in the same way as accessing external USB drives. It will appear as your SDSMT Student ID or staff/faculty username.

If the H: drive does not appear as listed above, you may need to remap it. This has been made simple to do by a shortcut added to university computers titled "Remap Network Drives." Double-clicking that icon should resolve the issue in most cases.

Accessing the H: drive off-campus

In order to connect to your personal network storage from an off-campus location, you must first Connect to the SDSMT Network via VPN.

Once connected to the VPN, you should be able to access your H: drive normally.

Note: Most SD Mines student laptops have the TechVPN  connection already setup. Simply select the network icon in the lower right corner and select the TechVPN connection at the top of the available networks list.

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