Tablet PC Program

Piloted in 2006, the SD Mines Tablet PC Program has evolved from a program of 25 pilot-users to its current all-student participation format. The evolution of the Tablet PC Program has depended heavily on student and faculty input. Many student-suggested solutions have been implemented into the Tablet PC Program.

Use of Tablet PCs, inside and outside the classroom has expanded the diversity of teaching methods used by many professors and given students greater active learning opportunities.

Tablet PCs offer the same features of a traditional laptop with the added convenience of a convertible screen. The Tablet screen pivots and folds down into an electronic notebook, virtually eliminating the need for paper class notes. All data written on the screen can be captured and saved. Wireless internet connectivity is available across campus so students can be connected to the Web inside a classroom or outside in the quad. Most importantly, since Tablet PCs are leased to the student by the institution, SD Mines is able to provide students with expensive software necessary for their course work.

The Tablet PC Program is mandatory for all incoming first-time, first-year undergraduate students, all transfer and all re-admitted students. The tablet PC can be utilized in general education courses so Financial Aid can be used to pay for the Tablet PC Program.

The semester fees for leasing a Tablet PC are set by the South Dakota Board of Regents and are calculated into student tuition. The tablet fee for the Academic Year 2017/2018 is $409.50 per semester.

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