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With so many opportunities, it can seem overwhelming to decide on which major to pursue. We understand. That’s why in your first year at Mines, you can have an undeclared major. We have several resources to help you make your decision.

Introductory Course (GES 130L)

  • Introduction to all programs at Mines
  • Each week, one academic program is featured. Faculty provide information on their program curriculum and present examples of how a graduate might use that degree.

Personalized Academic Advising

Some of Mines’ best advisors have been selected to work with our undeclared students and help them narrow down their options for a degree. Once a student selects a degree, these specialized advisors will connect the student with an advisor from that major who can continue to work with the student throughout their remaining time at Mines.

Major/Minor Fair

This event provides an opportunity for students to browse through booths for each academic program at Mines and ask questions directly to the program faculty representative..

Career Interest Inventory

The FOCUS-2 Career Assessment is an online career exploration tool that can be helpful in identifying areas of interest and related career paths. The program is offered free to SD Mines students. After completing the assessment, students are encouraged to visit with Career and Professional Development Center staff to discuss areas of interest, possible career paths, and relevant majors.

Visit Choosing Your Major for more resources.


Average Starting Salary for Mines Graduates

  • Microsoft
  • Ford
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • NASA
  • Medical School
  • Los Alamos National Lab
  • ExxonMobil
  • Target
  • American Express
  • Boeing
  • Entrepreneurs

Internships & Co-ops

77% of Mines students gain real-world experience through internships, co-ops, and research opportunities at an average salary of $18 an hour at 252 employers in 44 states plus Washington D.C, Germany, Hungary, and India.                                                                                                                               

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Global Experiences

Experience the adventure of international travel and apply your science knowledge to humanitarian efforts with Engineers & Scientists Abroad. Mines students have completed projects in Suriname, Mongolia, Haiti, Guatemala, Egypt, Colombia, and Tanzania.