The Black Hills - A Location
Unlike Any Other.

The Black Hills - A Location
Unlike Any Other.


STEM is Our Specialty

Our programs are 100% STEM-focused. Here, you will break things, build things, and invent tomorrow. 


We are Adventurous

When in comes to life outside the classroom, our one-of-kind location offers the best of all worlds.


We are a Smart Investment

South Dakota Mines places among the top universities in the state and nation, affirming we are a best-in-class STEM university.


See for Yourself

Take a closer look at the Hardrock life.  Schedule a campus visit or take a virtual tour to experience our amazing community.

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South Dakota Mines Adds New Atomic Force Microscope

“This powerful scientific instrument is the only one of its type in the region and it enables detailed imaging of biologic processes in resolutions a thousand times smaller than the thickness of a human hair,” Sani says. 

South Dakota Mines Joins Prestigious Universities Research Association

The URA has been involved in several complex scientific endeavors, including the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), which is being constructed at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, SD. Together with the University of Chicago, the URA operates the Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory, the institution responsible for the DUNE project.

South Dakota Mines Opens CNAM-Bio Center

CNAM-Bio works with industry and government partners to help solve bioprocessing challenges and create a seamless path from bench-scale to pilot-level production. Their mission involves developing sustainably manufactured bioproducts from renewable feedstocks, including forestry and agriculture residues like corn stover. 

New Quantum Research at South Dakota Mines Examines Smaller and Faster Two-Dimensional Computer Memory Devices

 It’s widely believed that humanity will reach the limit of Moore’s Law this decade. New research at South Dakota Mines aims to enable what might be close to the final leap in the smallest computers possible by using two-dimensional (2D) layers of material to store computer memory.


We are Driven

STEM can change the world. Tackle society’s toughest challenges through research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


We are Hands-On

Learn by doing in makerspaces, labs, and through internships and co-ops. Real-world experiences lead to great career opportunities.


We are Successful

Graduates go on to work for Fortune 500 companies. 98% placement in field of study and average starting salaries over $70,036.


We are a Family

Build a lifelong network of friends and learn from faculty who are exceptional mentors. We believe collaboration and support lead to success for all.

Build it.

Break it.

Create it.

Join our community of innovators forging their own path to what's next.

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