It's Time You Came to CAMP

South Dakota Mines offers students a unique opportunity to participate in a student-centered, hands-on, engineering program called CAMP.  

CAMP is a competitive, nationally recognized program that brings together students, faculty, and industry leaders to partner on real-world projects. Students participating in CAMP can be part of a team preparing for a wide range of national collegiate competitions ranging from robotics to rockets to race cars.

CAMP is open to any South Dakota Mines student, any year, any discipline. In fact, we encourage diversity of interests and backgrounds. No prior experience is necessary; just a desire to learn something new.  The point of CAMP is to experience how different skill sets and viewpoints work together to achieve meaningful results.   

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CAMP Mission 

Through participation on competition teams, the mission of CAMP is to develop well-rounded scientists and engineers that are prepared and eager to make meaningful contributions to society.  


CAMP Vision 

CAMP seeks to challenge students to become effective communicators and collaborators with a deepened capacity for self-reflection, empathy, and creative problem-solving. 

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