It's Time You Came to CAMP

South Dakota Mines offers students a unique opportunity to participate in a student-centered, hands-on, engineering program called CAMP.

CAMP is a competitive, nationally-recognized program that brings together students, faculty, and industry leaders to partner on real-world projects. Students participating in CAMP can be part of a team preparing for national competition by building alternative fuel vehicles, a concrete canoe, an unmanned aerial vehicle, or a mini Indy or Baja car, or working on projects involving robotics or hydrogen fuel cells.

Work with Other Students

Work With Other Students

CAMP is social as well as instructive. Students form lifelong bonds with their CAMP team members as they all work towards project goals and often participate in competitions against other universities.

Develop New Skills

Develop New Skills

Students work with faculty and industry on real-world challenges that require cutting edge solutions. They develop the kinds of team and leadership skills that are highly sought in engineering and tech industries.
About CAMP

Many CAMP Teams

Many CAMP Teams

Ten CAMP teams offer you in-depth experience in projects from auto racing to computer game development to HAM radio. Choose a team that's related to your academic program - or try something entirely different!
Meet our CAMP Teams

When South Dakota Mines grads apply for their first science and engineering jobs, they get hired. Programs like CAMP are part of the reason. Hands-on learning, and knowing how to work in a team environment towards accomplishments and deadlines, pair with academic training to prepare our students to make a difference when they go out to pursue their careers.

We encourage any student, even those not in engineering, to participate in the CAMP experience. Design, build, test and compete -- and learn a world of new things in the process!  

How To Join

Who Can Join Camp?

CAMP is open to any South Dakota Mines student, any year, any discipline. In fact, we encourage diversity of interests and backgrounds. While many CAMP participants are engineering students, if you are here to study math, delve into physics or get the academic foundation for a law or medical career, there's a place for you in CAMP. The point of the CAMP experience is to experience how different skill sets and viewpoints work together to achieve meaningful results.

How To Join

To join CAMP, just stop into the CAMP office located on the second floor of the Civil Mechanical Building room 209. You don't need an instructor's nomination, or a mastery of any particular skill, just a desire to try something new. The CAMP office will give you an overview of the teams and connect you with a team leader.

Join as a Team

Our roster of teams isn't set in stone. We're open to new potential teams -- just come talk to us at the CAMP Office.

Baja SAE Team

What does competition look like? Check out our Baja SAE car, #46, in the video above.

Each year the South Dakota Mines Baja SAE team with the support of CAMP, Student Senate, ME department, and countless others, design and manufacture one-person off-roading to take to international competition.

This year, competition was held in Louisville, Kentucky in late May, consisting of acceleration, maneuverability, suspension and traction, and hill climb events. The competition's final event was a four-hour endurance race on a two-mile course. We competed with over 60 teams and we took home 10th place overall.

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